Remove Newfinder APP

Remove Newfinder APP

What is Newfinder APP

Newfinder APP is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and a browser hijacker that promotes the search engine. The reason it’s classified as a potential threat is because it can install without explicit permission from users, and once it’s installed, it makes unwanted changes to browsers. The program is supposed to improve search results, but all it does is it inserts sponsored content into your results and tries to redirect you to certain websites. This is typical browser hijacker behaviour.

Newfinder APP

Browser hijackers or PUPs are not dangerous computer infections because their main intention is not to harm the computer, but rather make money. The hijacker aims to redirect users to sponsored websites and generate revenue, and it does so via the search engines. However, it should be mentioned that the sites you may redirected to could host questionable content, including malware and scams. So while hijackers may not damage the computer directly, they can expose users to all kinds of questionable content.

The program is in no way useful and will only annoy you. It installs unannounced, makes unwanted changes and then tries to redirect you to sponsored websites in order to make revenue. The sooner you delete Newfinder APP, the better.

PUP and hijacker installation methods

PUPs and browser hijackers are usually pretty useless programs so users rarely install them knowingly, which is why software bundling is used to distribute them. In simple terms, software bundling is adding additional offers (PUPs, browser hijackers, adware) to free software. Those offers can install alongside the program, unless they are manually prevented from doing so. However, since most users are not aware of the offers being there in the first place, they are unable to deselect anything.

When you download programs from those free program websites, it will likely have something attached to it. However, you can prevent them from installing alongside. When installing the freeware, you will be asked to choose either Default or Advanced settings. If you opt for Advanced, all extra offers will be made visible and you will be able to deselect them.

Always pay attention to how you install programs because otherwise, you will allow junk to install and it will quickly fill up your computer.

Should you uninstall Newfinder APP?

As soon as Newfinder APP installs, it will change your browser’s settings (whether you’re using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and set its promoted website as the new homepage. Once these changes have been performed, they may be difficult to reverse while the hijacker is still installed. Until you delete Newfinder APP, you’ll be redirected to every time you open your browser.

When you try to search for something via the browser address bar, you will first be redirected to sites like, and only then to We do not recommend trusting the search engine’s results because they will likely be filled with sponsored content. Those sites will have little to do with what you were searching for, and may even expose you to dangerous content. The sites could be hosting malware or promoting scams.

There is no reason to keep the PUP installed because it doesn’t improve your search results. It will only annoy you.

Newfinder APP removal

You can remove Newfinder APP manually or automatically. Manual Newfinder APP removal might take longer because you’d have to locate the infection yourself. If you have little experience with uninstalling programs, we would suggest using anti-spyware software.

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