Remove Perfect Optimizer

Remove Perfect Optimizer

Perfect Optimizer is a fake system optimizer

Perfect Optimizer is a highly questionable program, advertised as system optimization program. It’s considered to be scareware and classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) due to its use of freeware bundles to install and tendency to show fake scan results to encourage users to buy the full program. Perfect Optimizer is almost identical to many other PUPs of this kind. It installs without explicit permission, shows fake scan results with tens or even hundreds of detected issues and offers to fix them if users buy the full version of the program. Programs that show exaggerated or fake scan results are commonly considered to be scareware. They’re not dangerous programs per se, but they’re not useful either. Buying Perfect Optimizer or similar programs is certainly not recommended because it would be a waste of money.

It’s very likely that you are reading this because Perfect Optimizer is installed on your computer but you have no recollection of performing this installation. The program uses a method called software bundling to install essentially unnoticed. It likely came attached to some free program you downloaded, and installed alongside without you noticing. If you cannot remember installing the program yourself, delete Perfect Optimizer without hesitation.

PUPs often install via freeware bundling

The distribution method used by many PUPs is software bundling. Essentially, more minor infections like adware, browser hijackers and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) come attached to free software as extra offers, and they are permitted to install alongside, unless users manually prevent them from doing so. But most users aren’t even aware of the offers, let alone be able to deselect them. Fortunately, as long as you pay attention to how you install programs, you should be able to prevent the installation of those offers.

When installing programs, pay attention to the process and read the provided information. When given the option, opt for Advanced (Custom) settings instead of Default, as Advanced will make the otherwise hidden offers visible. If Advanced show that offers have been added, all you need to do is uncheck the boxes. After you have done that, you may continue installing the program.

It’s also possible that the program is pushed via fake alerts displayed on high-risk websites. Those fake alerts try to imitate legitimate system notifications, and claim that your computer has a lot of issues, to solve which you need to download a special program, in this case Perfect Optimizer. For future reference, keep in mind that your browser will never display legitimate notifications about the state of your computer. Your browser is not capable of detecting if something is wrong with your computer.

Should you remove Perfect Optimizer

Once the program installs, whether you permitted it knowingly or not,¬†Perfect Optimizer will start spamming you with notifications about the poor health of your computer. Supposedly it has scanned your computer and has detected tens/hundreds of issues that need immediate solving. Only you will not be able to fix them unless you buy the full version of the program. To encourage you to buy the full version, the program will show you fake scan results. The issues it detects on your device are either highly exaggerated or made up altogether. And if they are real, they’re mostly stuff you can fix yourself without needing a program.

The program claims to be able to optimize your computer by deleting certain files and solving certain issues. For users who are using older computers that are now working slower than they used to using system optimizers may be tempting. However, they are rarely of any use. Most of the time, they just delete a few files that have no affect on the system’s performance. Many users believe that system optimizers are completely unnecessary. But if you believe your computer would benefit from using one, there are much better options out there than Perfect Optimizer.

Perfect Optimizer removal

The program is classified as a PUP so anti-virus program do detect it. Using anti-virus to delete Perfect Optimizer would be easiest because the program would do everything. However, you should also be able to uninstall Perfect Optimizer manually.

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