What is is a fake Internet search engine. Actually, it is not even genuine because it has been created on the same template as the following browser hijackers:,, and It does not differ from those listed browser hijackers the way it acts as well. is also set on all browsers without a user’s permission. Once it changes browsers’ settings, it starts generating advertisements and displaying them for users. These ads are displayed for those users who search the web using only. If you are one of them, stop using as soon as possible and go to remove from browsers. You cannot change how it acts, but you can definitely stop it from performing activities on your computer. If you have not decided yet what to do with it, you should read the information provided in this article. All the pros and cons of keeping set are provided there.


What does do?

We will not lie – works just like an ordinary search tool. In other words, it displays search results once the search query is entered. Unfortunately, not all the search results provided for users are really based on the search query entered. Users might also see advertisements which look exactly like decent search results too. It is not the only place irritating advertisements are located. If you have already discovered set on your browsers, you have probably already noticed the commercial content on the start page of this search engine too. Do not click on ads no matter where you see them because untrustworthy search tools are capable of displaying ads redirecting to corrupted pages too. Actually, you will never know when this will happen, so it seems that you could only be safe only if you go to implement the removal. If you uninstall from browsers, your will avoid a number of problems associated with the privacy too.

Why do I have on my browsers?

Most probably, you have not set on browsers yourself. This browser hijacker is known to be able to enter computers secretly. It is immediately set on browsers once it enters the computer. More specifically, it targets the most popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Actually, browser hijacker is only one type of malicious software that can enter computers illegally and make changes, so it would be really smart of you to delete and then install software for protecting PC from computer threats.

How can I remove

You do not need to go to modify the system registry or make other important changes to delete from browsers. Actually, your only job is to replace it with another URL. If this does not say anything to you, let an automatic scanner to scan your PC and implement the removal for you. A reputable tool will delete all other malicious applications it manages to find during the system scan. In the case of useless tools which are usually promoted on P2P pages, they will not do anything and might install extra malware.

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