About is a rather questionable search engine that has suddenly appeared on your computer. Contrary to popular belief, these unwanted programs, known as browser hijackers, need your permission to enter your computer. It can get in without you even noticing. They are attached to free software and can install alongside it if you do not deselect them. is not malicious but it is irritating as it will alter your browser’s settings and try to redirect you to sponsored websites. If you are wondering why it even exists, it aims to generate pay-per-click revenue for sponsored websites and in order to do that it will lead you to those sites. While is not malicious itself, it could easily lead you to malicious websites and if you are not careful, you might end up with malware. We recommend you remove


Why uninstall

The reason is on your computer is because you did not deselect it when you installed free software. You must have chosen Default settings and in that way gave the added items the permission to install. When something is added to freeware, it will only become visible in Advanced settings of the freeware installation process. If you choose Default settings, you will end up with the added items installed and will have to delete and all others.

If you have had a browser hijacker on your computer before, might seem familiar. There are countless hijackers that look exactly like And they’re all essentially the same. will make changes to your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari browsers and prevent you from undoing those changes. The only way to restore your browser’s settings would be to remove from your computer. Suddenly, will be set as your homepage and new tabs. There will be a search engine in the middle of the screen and if you were to use it, you would be given sponsored results. It clearly says Genieo Yahoo in the tab and you will see many sponsored sites among the legitimate results. This is done so that you would be directed to those websites and the hijacker could generate income. While not very worrying at first, if you use the search engine constantly, eventually might end up on a malware-ridden page and obtain a serious virus by mistake. So as to not put your computer in danger, you need to uninstall removal

Browser hijackers are tough to locate so you might struggle with manual removal. The easiest option would be to obtain a reliable removal tool that would delete for your. Whichever way you choose, make sure you erase fully so that it cannot restore itself.

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