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What is ?

It might seem that is a legitimate search engine at first sight, but specialists have a completely different opinion about it. They say that this search tool is a browser hijacker that hijacks all the browsers. It changes homepages, New Tab pages, and default search engines for the purpose of generating revenue for its developer. Even though it should help you to find the information on the web quicker, the truth is that it only generates money for its creator. This search tool does that by promoting third-party websites and redirecting people to them. This might not seem a dangerous activity at first, but it has been found that this might result in the entrance of malware and even the violation of the privacy since might take people to websites that are unreliable. Delete without consideration if you wish to avoid all these problems. Information about the removal that can be found in this article should help you to do that.


How does work? works as an ordinary search engine. It shows search results after you enter a search query and click Rechercher (Search). These search results might seem legitimate, but if you look closer at them, you will see all kinds of advertisements placed on the same page too. As has been mentioned, these ads promote third-party websites. Unfortunately, not all of these websites are reliable. Some of them might promote products that do not exist or some kind of useless service. Others might even contain malicious software. Last but not least, the Privacy Policy of some of these third-party websites does not exist, which means that there is a possibility that they seek to find out personal information about users too. We hope we have provided enough reasons to remove from browsers. If the answer is yes, go to delete right now.

How did browser hijacker enter my computer?

It has been found that developers of employ a well-known method called bundling to distribute this infection. To be more specific, this infection is spread with freeware and shareware, and users install the entire software bundle without even knowing that a browser hijacker is hiding inside of it. People find out about its presence only when they discover that their browsers’ settings have been changed without their permission. Always go to install new software in an Advanced mode. It will allow you to see what programs are going to be installed on the system, and you could cancel the installation.

How can I uninstall ?

If is already set on your browsers, the only thing you can do is to remove . There are two ways to do that. You can go to implement the manual removal or erase this infection automatically. Since the latter method is the easier one, we suggest going to implement the automatic removal with a legitimate scanner.

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