Remove Vlc Plus Player Virus

Remove Vlc Plus Player Virus

Vlc Plus Player Virus can refer to either a potentially unwanted program (PUP) installed on your computer, or a false positive detected by adware cleaning tool AdwCleaner.

When downloading programs, it’s important to make sure that the source is official and not an imitation site that’s promoting a fake product. It’s particularly common for highly popular programs like VLC to have fake versions, downloading which could lead to PUP or even malware infections. One of VLC’s fake versions is Vlc Plus Player, and it’s promoted on a site called If you download the supposed VLC from there, you will end up with some kind of potentially unwanted program, likely Vlc Plus Player. It’s in no way associated with the legitimate VLC media player, its name is merely misused.

A PUP or malware’s presence on a computer is usually accompanied by certain symptoms. What you should look out for is an increase in advertisements, random redirects and pop-ups when browsing, your computer acting sluggish without explanation, programs crashing or taking longer to launch, and just generally weird computer behaviour. While it may be nothing, unexplained strange computer behaviour can mean an infection, and you should always check if you care to have a malware-free computer.

If you have AdwCleaner installed and it’s detecting Vlc Plus Player Virus, check whether the file that is detected is a legitimate VLC one. If it is, and you have not installed anything in a while, it’s likely a false positive. There’s not much you can do in this case, as you have to wait for the security program to fix the issue. However, if Vlc Plus Player is detected but the program does not remove it for some reason, we would suggest scanning your computer with a different security program, just in case.

If it’s not a false positive, and there is actually something there, any reliable anti-virus program should be able to remove Vlc Plus Player Virus for you.

Users usually install potentially unwanted programs accidentally

When searching for the legitimate VLC website to download the program from, you may come across, which is a fake site that’s promoting Vlc Plus Player. If you don’t carefully read the information on the site, you may not realize that the program is not the legitimate VLC. The official site for VLC media player is, and that is the only source you should download VLC from.

It’s also possible to come across PUPs like Vlc Plus Player when installing free programs. In what is known as software bundling, PUPs and other minor infections can come attached to free software as extra offers. Those offers are permitted to install alongside the freeware automatically, unless users manually prevent them from doing that. If you want to install freeware without those extra offers, you need to pay attention to the whole program installation process. Most importantly, opt for Advanced (Custom) settings when given the option. Those settings will make all extra offers visible, and you will be able to deselect all of them. Simply unchecking the boxes is enough to stop these unwanted installations.

It should be mentioned that most free programs, especially the ones you download from non-official websites, will have something attached to them. And if you don’t deselect the offers, your computer will become filled with junk quite quickly. That junk can be difficult to get rid of once it’s installed. It’s much easier and less time-consuming to uncheck a couple of boxes than it is to later to have uninstall infections like adware, browser hijackers and PUPs. So always pay attention to what you’re installing and how you do it.

Vlc Plus Player Virus removal

If you have it installed on your computer, we strongly recommend you remove Vlc Plus Player Virus. While it may not be a particularly malicious program, it’s also not something you should allow to stay in your computer. Most programs that detect potentially unwanted programs will detect and delete Vlc Plus Player for you.

If it is a false positive, and AdwCleaner is detecting the real VLC by mistake, you’ll need to wait for them to fix the issue on their end. You may want to report the false positive so that they are aware of it.

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