Remove Web Bar

Remove Web Bar

What is Web Bar?

Web Bar is an application that can be classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) or adware developed by Web Bar Media. This application uses the method of bundling to sneak into your PC unnoticed. At the first sight, Web Bar Toolbar seems like a useful tool that can be used to enhance your browsing experience. It promises good features such as allowing you to access the Internet from the computer’s desktop, really fast search results, and choosing the most related results to your search query. It claims: “Say Hello to Clutter-Free Web Browsing!” However, both the installation process and the toolbar’s actions gives away its malicious nature. If you don’t want anything bad to happen to your computer, remove Web Bar from your PC now.

Web Bar

Why is Web Bar dangerous?

You should delete Web Bar for various reasons. First of all, it doesn’t enhance your browsing experience but makes it much worse. It makes revenue by displaying various advertisements when you browse. If you click such ads, they may lead you to third-party websites that Web Bar toolbar is not responsible for. In this way, you may get infected with malware like browser hijackers, or even dangerous viruses. What’s more, you may get constantly redirected to suspicious sites that you definitely don’t want to be in. Furthermore, Web Bar can collect some of your data like IP addresses, search queries, domain names, etc. Because of this, you may get attacked by ads that are related to your activities so that you would be more likely to click on them. Finally, Web Bar gives no “Close” option when it is active so that you wouldn’t close it. These are enough reasons to uninstall Web Bar toolbar from your browser.

How did Web Bar get on my computer?

It has most likely come bundled with other free software that you may have downloaded. In many cases you can actually see that you are going to get Web Bar toolbar and other PUPs installed. That’s why you are advised to always read the terms and agreements when downloading free content. Also, always opt for Custom or Advanced installation so that you could see everything that comes with the desired program. Nevertheless, you are warned to think twice before downloading free content. It is better to get the wanted software from its official websites. So, remove Web Bar now and be careful in future.

How to remove Web Bar from my PC?

Web Bar removal should be a top priority so that you could avoid the unnecessary danger. It is possible to delete Web Bar via Control Panel and your browser. However, the ads that it displayed may have brought some infections. Scan your system with a legitimate security tool WiperSoft to be sure that you are safe.

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