Remove Your IP has Won (1) Google Gift

Remove Your IP has Won (1) Google Gift

What is Your IP has Won (1) Google Gift?

Your IP has Won (1) Google Gift pop-up that appears on your screen while your browse the Internet is an obvious scam meant to trick users into sharing their personal information with unreliable third parties. It claims that every Thursday a random IP address is selected as a winner of valuable gift (worth $799) from Google and all you have to do is answer 4 questions correctly. As a rule of thumb, if anything online seems to good to be true, it usually is. The Your IP has Won (1) Google Gift is no exception. You should not continue on with the survey as it will not result in anything positive. The sooner you get rid of Your IP has Won (1) Google Gift, the better.

How does Your IP has Won (1) Google Gift work?

After you read the headline of the message, you are presented with a survey, completing which will supposedly result in receiving a prize. In order to convince you even further, the message claims that the reason you have won is because of your continuous support of SoftLayer Technologies products and services. Moreover, it even states that other 9 users have received the same notification, but also 5 prizes are available. It is clear that this is done to make sure that the user hurries up and completed the survey without giving it too much thought.

Although completing a survey is harmless, what comes after you do so is the scam. At the end of the survey, you will be asked to provide your private information including your name, phone number, and even credit card details. Alternatively, you may be asked to subscribe to some unnecessary paid service. The aim of the scam is to acquire your personal details and, ultimately, steal your money or identity. That is why you have to make sure that you do not interact with it in any way and remove Your IP has Won (1) Google Gift scam from your browsers without hesitation.

How to remove Your IP has Won (1) Google Gift?

You can eliminate Your IP has Won (1) Google Gift scam from your browsers only by uninstalling the adware that presents you with it. Ad-supported apps are used to generate profit for their creators and cause nothing but trouble to users. It is likely that the adware entered your device without your notice, so it is possible that you do know which app it is exactly. If that is the case, we suggest automatic Your IP has Won (1) Google Gift removal. If you use the anti-malware from this website, it will help you identify and terminate Your IP has Won (1) Google Gift related adware without any trouble. If, on the other hand, you know which app is to blame, you can delete Your IP has Won (1) Google Gift manually by following the instructions below.

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