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What is is a browser hijacker that belongs to IMALI – N.I. MEDIA LTD, which is a company also responsible for a variety of other hijackers including,,, and more. enters your system after you install a browser extension from It is promoted through pop-ups and other adverts as an extension that can provide you with additional security tools needed to keep your system safe. After you install it, your browser settings get modified automatically. It is possible that you were not aware of that. If you want to eliminate from your browsers, you will also have to delete its related extension.


How does work?

The Safesidetab can be downloaded from its official page. The official site states that the extension will allow you to scan files for threats, use enhanced search and quick access links, and more. These all seem like useful features, which is why computer users may end up installing the add-on. However, some web browsers, like the newest version of Mozilla Firefox, block the extension. Needless to say, that should serve as a serious warning.

After Safesidetab gets installed, it switches your home page, new tab, and default search provider to This website contains a toolbar, a search box, and quick access buttons to Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, YouTube, and other popular sites. The toolbar presents you with such buttons as Security Tools, Winrepair Pro, Internet Speed Test, Email, Social, and Shopping. Security Tools will reroute you to, which is a reliable site. Winrepair Pro, on the other hand, will lead you to, which is listed as a website with uncertain reputation or potentially unwanted content. If you make use of the provided search box, you will get results from Yahoo Web Search.

In addition to the browser settings modifications, the hijacker will cause other inconveniences as well. It will flood you with commercial ads, reroute you to unfamiliar sites, and slow down your web browsing speed. If you want to get rid of these symptoms, you will have to terminate

How to remove

In order to erase from your browsers, you will have to uninstall its extension and edit your settings. You may also need to uninstall potentially unwanted programs associated with the hijacker, should there be any. If you choose manual removal, you are welcome to use the instructions presented below the article. They explain how to complete all the necessary tasks in more detail. Alternative and a much more reliable solution is to delete automatically. If you choose this option, you will also eliminate other unwanted files and programs from your system. The utility will scan your PC, detect all potential threats, and remove along with them. It will also stay useful in the future by functioning as a malware prevention tool.

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The article should only be used for educational purposes. If you follow the instructions provided in the article, you agree to be bound by this disclaimer. We do not guarantee that the article will aid you in completely removing the malware from your PC. Malicious programs are constantly developing, which is why it is not always easy or possible to clean the computer by using only the manual removal guide.

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