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What is is not a trustworthy search tool even though it seems that one of its purposes is to convince users that it can be trusted. Specialists are sure that it should be called a browser hijacker instead because it tends to set itself up on browsers without receiving permission from users. Users usually quickly notice changes applied by this browser hijacker because the homepage they like is gone and is opened instead when they open their default browser.


Actually, an undesirable search tool is compatible with such popular browsers as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, so no matter which browser you use, will be opened for you. You can change this by going to delete fully from all your web browsers. Before we start talking about the removal, more details about this browser hijacker will be provided to help you make up your mind whether to continue using it or not.

How does work?

We cannot say that is a dangerous malicious application because it is far from such threats as ransomware, backdoor, and Trojans. It displays search results for users like other ordinary search tools do as well. Also, users find this search tool quite useful because it contains buttons which help to access Google Maps, Amazon, YouTube, and other pages very quickly. Of course, all these websites can be opened without the help of, so it is not clever to keep it just because of that when there are much more reliable search providers out there. One of the main drawbacks of is commercial advertisements it provides users with. Its search results page is stuffed with ads which might cause harm to the user’s computer by causing a redirection to an infectious page. Unfortunately, it is not the only drawback specialists have found. The removal should be implemented as soon as possible also because it tracks users with the intention of finding more information about their activities and online behavior. This information might be used to show “relevant” commercial advertisements, and, cherry on top, it might be revealed to cyber criminals. You should go to uninstall today to make sure that your privacy is safe.

How is distributed?

Browser hijackers are threats which can be distributed using several different methods, for example, they might be downloaded by malware users have on their PCs, or it can sneak onto the computer bundled with freeware. These are not the only methods used to spread browsers hijackers, so could have entered your PC in a different way. What we know for sure is that you need to have a security application installed on your computer to feel safe.

How can I remove

Users can delete either manually or automatically. The manual method is, of course, more complicated, so if you wish to remove easily, use a scanner for the automatic deletion of this browser hijacker. Do not forget that some of these tools which claim to be decent might be harmful, so make sure that the application you are going to use is a reliable one.

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