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About is a browser hijacker that is advertised as an add-on that will supposedly help you keep your privacy while you browse the Internet. It will attach itself to your browser, change settings and try to redirect you to sponsored sites. All browser hijackers aim to generate income by redirecting you to those pages so do not expect this hijacker act any differently. It can infiltrate your computer with the help of free software or you may have installed it yourself, thinking it could be useful. Many users complain that it prevents them from using legitimate search engines and keeps redirecting to This can be rather aggravating for those who did not choose to install If you are one of those people, we suggest you delete immediately because nothing good will come from allowing it to stay on your computer.


How does spread?

If you do not recall downloading it yourself, it may have infected your computer using free software bundles. If it was attached to free software and you missed it, it was allowed to install. In order to avoid these unwanted installations, you need to manually deselect them. This can be done in Advanced or Custom settings of the freeware installation process by unchecking the boxes of those added items. After you deselect all the items, you can proceed to install the freeware. Whichever way you installed it, we strongly recommend you remove

Why uninstall

If you did not agree to install it, it will surprise you one day when you open your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers and get redirected to This would be happening because it has changed your browser’s settings and set its domain as your homepage and new tabs. The changes may be carried out without your permission and you may be unable to undo them unless you first delete According to some reviews, the extension does not allow them to use certain sites, supposedly because of privacy issues. It will also encourage that you use the provided search engine. Browser hijackers insert sponsored content into the results because that is how they generate income. When you enter one of those advertisement websites, the site owners get money from ads. In general, it is not recommend that you visit those sites because not all of the may be safe. Some could be concealing malware on them and that malware could download onto your computer without you even noticing. This could lead to serious issues. There are other ways to ensure your privacy, you should remove and look into alternatives. removal

In order to uninstall, you may need to obtain professional removal software. This is the most efficient way since the program would do everything in relation to removal. You can also pick to erase manually but that means you will have to locate the hijacker yourself. After you eliminate, make sure you go change your browser’s settings.

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