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About is a dubious search engine, classified as a browser hijacker due to its questionable features. Many users might mistake it for a malicious virus because it will suddenly appear and make unwanted changes. But it’s not malware, a redirect virus is a more appropriate classification for this browser hijacker. It will not endanger your compute directly, but it will annoy you with its constant need to redirect you to sponsored websites. That is the main purpose of a browser hijacker, it aims to generate traffic to make revenue. And in some cases, you might be led to some rather questionable websites and end up running into malware. has nothing useful to offer you so we suggest you delete


Why do you need to remove

Browser hijackers cannot install without your permission. You have to allow them to install and you end up doing that unknowingly. is attached to freeware in a way that allows it to install together with freeware. This happens if you use Default settings when installing the freeware that has attached to it. Default settings do not show you any added items and by choosing those settings, you are basically giving it permission to install. However, if you choose Advanced (Custom) settings, you will have the option of deselecting any added item. You should always choose those settings because then you will not have to uninstall or similar unwanted items.

The first thing you will notice is that has set a new homepage, new tabs and search engine. It can hijack most of the leading browsers (including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) so you can’t just switch browsers and hope the problem goes away. You might also not be able to restore the settings without first having to uninstall from your computer. If you use the search engine, you will immediately notice that it inserts a lot of sponsored content into the search results. We don’t suggest clicking on them because you might end up on some rather questionable websites that have little to do with what you were looking for. This is highly inconvenient when you are urgently looking for something. Those redirects are usually harmless but because┬á does not care on what kind of website you will end up, you might be led to a dangerous one. There are many websites on the Internet from where you could accidentally download malware onto your computer. This browser hijacker will only bring you frustration so we suggest you delete removal

If you want quick removal, we recommend you obtain a credible removal tool. It will remove without issue. If you do not want to get such a program, you can also erase manually. This will take a bit more time because you will have to locate and eliminate yourself.

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