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What is is advertised as a useful search engine that can offer you a great online experience. In reality, however, it is nothing but a yet another browser hijacker similar to,,,, and more. It affects all popular web browsers including Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and others. The hijacker gets distributed with the help of deceptive software installers. It changes your browser settings upon installation and causes other disruptions later on. Since there are no benefits to keeping a hijacker on your PC, we recommend that you delete right away.


How does work?

The hijacker replaces your home page and default search provider with This site clearly does not look reliable. It contains lots of suspicious adverts and quick access buttons to various gaming, shopping, and other websites. The page also provides you with links to articles and a list of quick links divided into such categories as Music, Games, Social, Movies, Entertainment, TV Online, News, and more. If you make use of the search box presented on the page, you will get rerouted to The results shown to you on this site will contain lots of sponsored links. This or any other advertising data is not endorsed by the hijacker, so it could be unreliable. That is why we urge you not to click on any ads until you get rid of for good.

In addition to lowering your online safety level, the hijacker also raises certain concerns when it comes to your privacy. It tracks your cookies and records your browsing habits to use this information for marketing purposes. The collected information may also be shared with third parties. Although this data should be limited to your visited pages, clicked ads, made searches, and similar details, you can never be absolutely sure of that. And even if that is the case, sharing your browsing history with unreliable sources is not recommended either. Therefore, we advise that you erase from your browsers.

How to remove

There is no reason why you would want to hesitate with removal. It not only decreases your security level and causes privacy concerns, but it also slows down your browsing speed and affects your computer performance in a negative way. The sooner you terminate, the sooner you can get rid of these symptoms. The hijacker’s removal can be completed manually or automatically. If you choose to delete manually, you can use the instructions prepared below the article. They explain how you can uninstall the hijacker’s related app and restore your browser settings. If, however, you decide to go with automatic removal instead, you will need to implement a powerful anti-malware tool. You can use the utility from our page. It will clean your PC and keep it safeguarded in the future.

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