Slow Wi-Fi? – Turn off your Christmas lights

Slow Wi-Fi? – Turn off your Christmas lights

If you are experiencing problems with your Wi-Fi signal, the cause of them may surprise you. According to Ofcom, about 20% of router performance problems are caused by electronic gadgets. So, if you want to increase the speed of your Wi-Fi, you may have to turn off your Christmas lights. Of course, the lights are not the only reason why you may be experiencing issues, so you may not need to turn into a Grinch just yet.

Slow Wi-Fi

In most cases, slow broadband can be blamed on network congestion, which happens when links are carrying so much information that it results in a decrease of their service quality. However, it is true that various electronic devices can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal as well. Luckily, there are several simple tips that you can follow in order to improve the performance of your router.

The first tip on the list is the easiest one to do. It may not seem that way, but simply restarting your router could solve your connectivity issues. The reason it can help is because when you restart your router, it can search for a new channel that is not used by other devices. Sometimes changing the channel is all you need to improve your signal.

Do your Christmas lights slow your Wi-Fi?

Another good piece of advice when it comes to bettering your Wi-Fi is that you keep your router away from other electronic devices. Such devices as lamps, speakers, stereo, home phones, baby monitors, and Christmas lights are known to cause interference when kept close to the router. Moving them away from it can work wonders on the strength of your signal.

The last useful tip is also very easy to follow. What you need to do is put your router in the center of your home. The Wi-Fi signal has to overcome various obstacles before it can reach your computer. This includes walls, furniture, cables, and so on. If you find the best location for your router (preferably, on a table, away from other devices, and in the central part of your apartment or house), you should not have any issues with its performance.

In case none of the above tips help you with your router signal, you may want to check the device itself as there may be something wrong with it. You canĀ  also use one of the apps available online that is specifically designed for analyzing Wi-Fi connections, finding connectivity issues and fixing them.

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