What is pretends to be a useful search engine. It tries to convince users that they will search the web privately with its help so that they would keep it set on their browsers. In reality, is a browser hijacker which makes money through online advertisements, so it is not likely at all that it is going to do something really good to you. has been called a browser hijacker not without reason. It has been given this name because of its ability to show up on all browsers without a user’s consent. All browser hijackers do that, so if a new website ever replaces your homepage, search engine, or even the New tab page, you should know that it cannot be trusted. Let’s find out why it is so important to delete from all browsers as soon as possible. After describing, we will turn to the peculiarities of the removal.


How does work? is called a browser hijacker not only because it changes browsers’ settings without permission. It has been put under this category because it can alter the search results too. It might seem that delivers Google search results only, but if you look closer at its search results page, you will found there, without doubt, sponsored links too. They appear there with the intention of promoting pages belonging third parties. Of course, these advertisements are shown for users not for free. The developers of get money for promoting third-party websites. They do not really care about the safety of users, so it should not be a surprise for you that might redirect users to bad websites too. Bad people might be waiting for users on these websites. On top of that, users might find malicious software there. We are sure that you do not want to become a victim of malware because you are reading this article and trying to find a solution to the problem, so we suggest that you do not wait any longer and go to implement the removal.

Why do I see on my browsers?

If an undesirable search tool is opened for you when you open a web browser, a browser hijacker must be inside your computer. These infections are extremely sneaky and might find different ways to appear on computers. Of course, in most cases, a bundling method is used, i.e. they are installed next to free software, so, please, be careful with new applications you install the next time.

How can I uninstall

It is very important to remove from browsers even though, at first sight, this search engine looks normal. There are two ways to get rid of it. Users can a) go to delete manually or b) they can download and install a legitimate malware remover and then use it to delete an undesirable search tool from their web browsers. The choice is yours – just make sure is gone from all browsers. You can check that by simply opening all web browsers you have one after the other.

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