About pop-ups keep appearing on your screen because an adware application might be installed on your computer. It needs permission to enter your computer, which means that you installed it yourself. It’s not malicious nor will it harm your computer directly. The worst it can do by itself is drive you crazy with constant pop-ups. The way could install onto your computer is via software bundles. Essentially, when you install freeware, some added items (like might install with it. You probably don’t need much convincing on why you should delete so you can just skip to the removal part. If you want to find out how to prevent similar situations in the future, read the whole article.


How did you get infected with

Adware is attached to free software. No one would willingly install adware onto their computers so developers thought of a different way. If something is attached to freeware you are installing, that something will install as well. If you use Default settings, that is. Because those settings do not inform you about any added items, most users are surprised when they notice an application they have no recollection of installing. So if you want to control what gets installed onto your computer, you need to use Advanced (Custom) settings. By clicking on them during the installation process, you will see a clear list of added items. You can then deselect them and they will not install. This will save you loads of time because you will not have to uninstall in the future.

What does do?

The reason why you’re probably reading this is because you keep getting pop-ups everywhere you go on the Internet. You might start thinking that a virus has inhabited your computer, but that is not the case. As mentioned before,┬á is not malicious. But the constant pop-ups will get on your nerves. Especially because they will appear on all of your browsers (be it Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). That’s the thing about adware, you cannot run away from it. The way to get rid of the ads would be to remove from your computer. The pop-ups might offer you some sorts of downloads but you should not install anything it offers you. These kinds of pop-ups are a great way to spread malware so you need to be careful. Only download/update software from legitimate download websites and not random pop-ups. In any case, if you uninstall, you can return to normal browsing. removal

Even though it’s not difficult to remove manually, it might take some time because you will have to locate and erase yourself. If you do not feel confident doing that, you can use a professional removal tool to delete from your computer.

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