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What is is a search engine which allows users to find the relevant information on the web. In addition, it will display available torrents that are related to the entered keyword. It might seem that is a really beneficial search provider; however, we still do not think that it can be trusted fully because it tends to replace homepages and search engines without permission. Because of this, it falls into the category of browser hijackers and should be removed as soon as possible. You might find it really hard to uninstall from browsers because it is impossible to remove like any other simple program. We understand that a number of users will find this task really challenging, so we have decided to help them. You have to do only one thing for now – read this article very attentively.


How does act? is powered by Google, which suggests that it has to provide users with reliable search results. Unfortunately, it is not exactly true. Researchers have noticed that all kinds of untrustworthy ads might be incorporated among legitimate search results. Yes, Google is a reliable search engine, but creators of might still modify it for their purposes. These ads might redirect users to bad web pages, so the possibility to encounter malware is really there. It has been also observed that users might start seeing ads on their screen too, for example, a pop-up ad might appear to them out of nowhere. You should not click on ads if you do not know that they are really trustworthy. What is more, it is very likely that will gather information about you. It seems that this info is non-personally identifiable in most cases, but there is still a risk that web pages which will redirect you to will gather personal details. We do not think that you want to experience privacy and security-related problems, so we suggest that you delete as soon as you can.

How did appear on my computer?

There are many users’ complaints that has replaced their homepages and search engines after they have installed a PDF creator, download client, video player, or another free program from a third-party web page. Therefore, we are sure that browser hijacker is mainly distributed in software bundles. There are hundreds of similar hijackers that can enter systems using the same way, so we suggest taking care of the system’s safety in advance, i.e. installing a security tool after you implement the removal.

How can I delete from my PC? should disappear from browsers after the browser reset. In some cases, you might also need to remove extensions from browsers. Of course, there is an easier way to fully remove – automatically. We especially recommend employing this method if you are a less experienced user. All you need to do is to acquire a security tool and scan the system with it. If it is trustworthy, it will implement the removal for you really quickly.


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