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About this threat redirects could be caused by a potentially unwanted program (PUP). If you find that you are redirected there once or twice, no need to worry but if you end up there on a regular basis, there could be a PUP inhabiting your system. They are not malicious computer malware programs exactly, but do pose a certain risk to your computer. And some of the could be incredibly annoying. This particular one will redirect you at random times and show you weird advertisements to make income. While not malicious themselves, some PUPs are able to lead users to malicious sites where users could end up picking up malware. So you could still be exposing your computer to danger by keeping a PUP. We suggest you delete


How do you obtain those threats?

Some PUPs are disguised as useful programs and users might install them themselves, not knowing that it might not be as handy as first thought. However, in a lot cases, PUPs are attached to freeware as extra offers and users not knowingly install them. When you install free programs, it’s important that you pay attention to the process and read everything. It should state whether something is attached to programs and even if it does not, access Advanced or Custom settings to make sure. All extra offers will be visible there and if you do see something, ensure that you deselect it/them. All you need to do is uncheck a couple of boxes so it does not take any extra time. On the contrary, you will save load of time because you will not need to remove or similar threats later on.

How does it affect my computer?

The most annoying feature of this PUP is the redirects. You will be redirected to a strange web page even when browsing completely legitimate websites. Also, it will happen on all most commonly used browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which means you will not solve the problem by switching browsers. You will have to uninstall to be able to go back to normal computer use. Whatever you see on the page you are redirected to, we do not recommend engaging with it. It may not be safe. While not necessarily the case with all redirects, some might be caused simply with the intention to make pay-per-click revenue, some could lead users to malicious content. The PUP might also slow down your computer and make your browser crash much more often. This is why we suggest you delete removal

If you can locate where the PUP is hiding, you can remove manually. This might take more time than you think, but it is fully possible. If you find yourself struggling, however, obtain anti-spyware software and have it uninstall for you. Automatic removal should take less time as the program will do everything for you.

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