Trotux Virus Removal

Trotux Virus Removal

About Trotux Virus

Trotux Virus is a browser hijacker, sometimes known as a redirect virus. It’s not a malicious computer virus and will not harm your computer directly but it can still be nuisance. Because Trotux Virus is bundled together with software, it can enter your computer when you install freeware and not manually deselect it. It will hijack your browser, alter certain settings and try to redirect you to sponsored websites. At first, you might not think it’s a big deal but over time, it will get more and more annoying. You should know that a browser hijacker can lead you to questionable websites and you might end up with a malicious computer virus if you’re not careful. We recommend you delete Trotux Virus as soon as possible.


Why should I delete Trotux Virus?

Trotux Virus comes via software bundles. This means that it’s attached to free software in a way that allows it to install along with the freeware. It’s an optional item and all you need to do is deselect it. The reason a lot of people do not do that is because they’re not even aware of Trotux Virus being attached. If you use Default settings, you will not be made aware of any added items. If you choose Advanced or Custom settings, however, you will be able to clearly see all items that are attached. You will also be given the option of deselecting those items, therefore preventing their installation.

If Trotux Virus browser hijacker is on your computer, when you open your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox), you will see that your homepage and new tabs have been changed to Trotux Virus. If that has happened, you might not be able to change the settings back unless you first remove Trotux Virus from your computer. The website itself has a search bar and links to the most popular websites, such as Facebook. Gmail, Twitter and even Google. It also inserts ads, which we don’t suggest you click on. The browser hijacker claims to generate results via Yahoo but it might insert sponsored websites and redirect you to those websites. Browser hijackers are there to generate traffic by redirecting users to sponsored websites and earn them money this way, so it’s in no way beneficial to you. It could even be dangerous to keep this hijacker on your computer. By clicking on an ad generated by Trotux Virus or a weird search result, you could be directed to malicious websites and end up with malware on your computer. It is strongly suggested to uninstall Trotux Virus.

Trotux Virus removal

Both manual and automatic Trotux Virus removal options apply to Trotux Virus. To uninstall Trotux Virus automatically, just have your anti-malware software scan your computer and if it’s detected, remove Trotux Virus. If you opt to manually erase Trotux Virus, follow the instructions below.

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