What is Appnhost.exe

What is Appnhost.exe

What is appnhost.exe?

Appnhost.exe is an executable file that belongs to AppNHost services. The file is also known as Native Hosts for Apps and is developed by Mixesoft Project. The official file should be stored in C:\Users\Username or C:\Program Files folder. Its size is about 453 bytes. If, however, you find the item in a different location and its size significantly differs from the one we have mentioned, you could be dealing with malware. Malicious files are often named after legitimate ones, which allows them to stay hidden in the system. If you are sure that you are dealing with malware, you should not hesitate to delete appnhost.exe from your computer.


How does appnhost.exe work?

If you have the malign appnhost.exe file on your computer, it is possible that you have acquired it by installing a Google Chrome extension called Click&Clean. The app is supposed to help you delete all unnecessary objects and cache from your browser. However, it has been reported as suspicious. One sure symptom indicating that you have an unwelcome program installed on your computer is having two processes with the same name appear in your Windows Task Manager. Another one is your system working much slower than usual all of a sudden.

When dealing with malware infections, there is no time to waste. Malware is used by cyber crooks for various reasons, none of which are good for the user. They can steal your personal data including your social networking and banking logins and passwords by recording your keystrokes and taking screenshots of your screen. Malign programs can also encrypt your files rendering them useless to you or lock your device, so that you can no longer use it. Moreover, they can even damage your hardware or run up your electricity bill (if it is a crypto-miner). As soon as you suspect that your PC has been infected, you have to erase appnhost.exe and other unwelcome items.

How to remove appnhost.exe?

It is important to delete appnhost.exe malware and other harmful components. We would not, however, recommend manual appnhost.exe removal, because you may delete the legitimate file by accident and cause more harm than good. Therefore, we urge you to eliminate appnhost.exe automatically. By making use of our anti-malware utility, you will be able to clean your system from all unwelcome intruders. The anti-malware from our site will perform a full scan, detect all issues, and terminate appnhost.exe along with other threats. In addition to that, the security measure will also help you stay safe online so that you do not infect your device with similar threats again.

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