What is msvcp100.dll? Do you need to remove it?

What is msvcp100.dll? Do you need to remove it?

Many users report that they have encountered an error that informs about the missing msvcp100.dll file on their systems. If you are one of them, we have good news for you – usually, it is nothing serious; however, we cannot tell you an exact reason why this error has shown up in your case. There are several known reasons why this error appears, and we will tell you more about them all further in this article. Additionally, you will find out about the effective measures that can be taken to prevent the msvcp100.dll error message from being displayed on your screen, so continue reading the article to learn more!



What is a .DLL file?

Before we dig deeper, let’s find out what a .DLL file is. These types of files are used by programs and contain instructions that explain how certain operations should be performed. Theoretically, the program without it should be able to work normally; however, we still highly recommend that you do not ignore the msvcp100.dll file is missing error because, in some cases, its appearance may indicate that some kind of malicious application has entered the system and now shows fake errors to scare you into taking certain action, for example, purchasing a useless program or making a call directly to cyber criminals. Do not be scared – it does not mean that you have necessarily become a malware victim.

Why is the msvcp100.dll is missing error displayed on my screen?

As we have already told you in the previous paragraph, it is not that easy to identify why users encounter the msvcp100.dll file is missing error, but, according to specialists, there are several possible reasons for this. It is evident that the error indicates that there is something wrong with the .dll file. Even though it is stated that it is missing, it may be damaged or corrupted as well. What is more, the appearance of this error may indicate that there are serious problems with the Windows Registry or hardware. Also, it would be smart to scan the system with a reliable anti malware tool because malware could have entered your system and corrupted the msvcp100.dll file, or it has started showing fake errors, as has been mentioned in the previous paragraph. We do not know whether your PC is infected with malicious software; however, that is possible if you have recently downloaded a program from a torrent or a file-sharing website and have already installed it on your computer, or you have recently clicked on a random link that has automatically redirected you to another suspicious website. Yes, in some cases, it is enough to enter a website set up by cyber criminals to end up with serious threats. Last but not least, the msvcp100.dll is missing error might be linked to the absence of the component called Visual C++ Redistributable patch.

What do I do if I encounter the msvcp100.dll is missing error?

If you see the msvcp100.dll error appear on your screen regularly, you can try reinstalling the program that uses it, but, unfortunately, it does not mean that it will not show up ever again. Please be informed that we do not recommend downloading the msvcp100.dll file from the web because unofficial sources may distribute the contaminated msvcp100.dll file. What we recommend instead is checking Recycle Bin in the first place because you may have deleted it by mistake. If you find the file there, please restore it. If this does not help, you should try installing or reinstalling the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package. It can be downloaded from the official Microsoft web-page. Once again, never trust unofficial sources because you might download serious malicious software from them! What else you can do is to update the current version of the Windows OS installed on your computer. It is possible that a patch or a service pack provided by Windows Update will update or replace the msvcp100.dll file and your problem will disappear once and for all. Finally, if nothing else works, it would be a good idea to scan run SFC (System File Checker) scan. It will perform a scan for corruption in system files and then will fix them for you automatically. If you find all these pieces of advice useless, please acquire an anti malware or an antivirus tool and perform an in-depth scan to detect existing malware. The deletion of untrustworthy software from the system often works wonders, and even if it turns out that it is not the reason why you see the msvcp100.dll error, it is still crucial to delete threats to improve your overall cyber security.

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