What is the “I Want To Get Straight To The Point” email scam

What is the “I Want To Get Straight To The Point” email scam

The “I Want To Get Straight To The Point” email is classified as a scam. It’s part of a scam email campaign that attempts to frighten users into making payments. The contents of the email are nothing more than a scam so users can ignore it if it lands in their inboxes.



The “I Want To Get Straight To The Point” email scam resembles classic sextortion scams that claim to have made videos of users watching pornography and threaten to release them publicly if a payment is not made. This scam email campaign, while claiming to have made non-existent explicit videos, has slightly different content. Typical sextortion emails claim that a video of the user watching pornography will be sent to all users’ contacts unless they agree to pay a certain sum of money. Some sextortion email senders claim that they have made videos of users watching child pornography. However, this “I Want To Get Straight To The Point” email scam goes a bit further. The contents of the email are still fake but it sounds much more alarming, even if the email is full of grammar/spelling mistakes and difficult to understand initially.

The “I Want To Get Straight To The Point” email scam claims that when you were supposedly browsing a pornography website, malware was downloaded onto your computer. The malware supposedly allowed its operator (aka the sender of the email) complete access to your computer. They claim to have stolen your personal information (documents, social media accounts, contacts, email accounts, etc.) and made a video of you watching child pornography. Supposedly, they filmed you watching pornography and then inserted a child abuse video to make it seem like you were watching it. The sender threatens to send the video to all of your contacts if you do not agree to pay $1,000.

The sender also claims to have placed child abuse videos on your computer and threatens to inform the police about it. Supposedly, the videos are in a hidden format so you won’t be able to find and delete them. Furthermore, they claim to have registered you on the dark web Dream market and Silk Road marketplaces. These two marketplaces are just one of the few illegal marketplaces that allow users to sell/buy illegal goods, including drugs. Both marketplaces have been offline for years but the sender claims to have registered you on them. They also threaten to order drugs and weapons in your name.

The sender demands that you pay $1,000 in Bitcoin in Bitcoin if you don’t want the video to be released and the police to be called. It goes without saying that there’s no need to pay anything because the contents of the email are all fake.

Here is the full “I Want To Get Straight To The Point” email scam text:


I want to get straight to the point without wasting each of our time recently while surfing one of porn xxx web-site your operating system is hacked by software program I carefully placed there,
while you were watching those video clips and having fun in my software set up malware on your personal computer now I have total access of the personal computer.

While I found your computer idle I opened network connection details and made a video of your ip details, same way I made a video of yours all crucial documents, social accounts, your contacts , and email accounts, now I’ve got everything to prove that is you more over my malware sent me everything back so i have copies of them with me.

Later I visited few child porn web-sites saved those child porn video clips played on your computer and made a video of it , I save those videos on your computer in hidden format such way that’s only I can access them (and police will once I will inform them if you don’t do what I say exactly), after that I went to few blackmarket web-sites dream market and silk road (Google it and you will get it what is it) and I made an account on your name there..

Now I got 3 recordings of yours

1) Watching and downloading child porno (criminal offence)
2) Made you member of infamous Dream Market and Silk Road (thinking to ordering some drugs and weapons on your name soon..)
3) Your ip , important documents , Contacts, Social Details , Geo Graphical details by Google map and your ip

Now you have 2 choices

First dismiss this e mail and do not act then I simply go on after 72 hours and send those videos of you enjoying child porno to your all contacts, then i order drugs and firearms on your name and send details to authorities to allow them to arrest you and trust me they will..it will destroy your relationship, career, social life etc.

Second option is to give me $1000 and think it’s as a donation and when I get the amount I will delete those videos and records which I have..and you can continue your normal life like this never happened

You will make the payment through Bitcoin (if you do not know this, search ‘how to get bitcoin in Google’).

Btc address to send funds to: 1Dqyd1b4vcGHfGmmt5bh4gNDgtSkKEiLan its case sensitive so copy paste it

If you are planning to consult with law enforcement officials feel free I already taken care of it this email cannot be trace back to me , by the way I’m not asking much to be honest and you can simply send the funds and lead a normal life
also for your information I placed a call back pixel in this email so if u reading this and ignoring reminding u I know and your time is ticking after 7 days I will send those videos to your contacts and police officers
if however u send me money I will wipe off everything from your end and mine along with delete the account from dream market and silk road too..

Lets the game start now…

These types of emails usually use very threatening language and mock users for their supposed pornography preferences. This is an effective scare tactic that alarms users enough to make reckless decisions. This email takes it even further by claiming that child abuse videos have been placed on the computer for the police to find. Unfortunately, we can see this tactic working on many users.

For future reference, the contents of these types of emails are always fake. There is no malware on your computer, no video of you watching child pornography has been made, and child abuse videos have not been placed on your computer. You can just remove “I Want To Get Straight To The Point” email scam from your inbox if you get it.

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