What is the “Security status not satisfied” email scam

What is the “Security status not satisfied” email scam

“Security status not satisfied” email scam falls into the sextortion scam category because it falsely claims that the recipient’s computer has been infected with malware that allowed the sender to make an explicit video of the user watching pornography. The scammer threatens to release the video unless a payment is made. However, the contents of the email are all false, and the email can be ignored.



The “Security status not satisfied” email scam is a classic sextortion scam with a bit of a twist. Sextortion email scams are more or less identical to one another, even when different scammers operate them. They follow the same pattern and use the same demeaning language in most cases. While thisĀ “Security status not satisfied” email scam is an obvious sextortion attempt, its content is a bit different than usual.

Sextortion emails first try to catch users’ attention with an alarming subject line. In this case, the subject line is “Security status not satisfied”. Users curious enough to open the email would be greeted with an alarming message saying the sender knows them and their loved ones very well. The sender proceeds to lecture the recipient about the dangers of the Internet and introduces themselves as a “hacker”. The supposed hacker makes ridiculous claims that artificial intelligence allowed them to gain access to users’ computers, turn on the webcam, make recordings, and steal contacts. The scammer also claims to have sent malicious links to all contacts, which allowed them access to the contacts’ devices as well.

The supposed hacker claims to have made a video of the recipient while they were watching pornography. They were also supposedly able to access all communications and steal compromising data. They threaten to send the data to all contacts and publish it online unless the recipient agrees to pay $1,390 in Bitcoin within 48 hours.

The fullĀ “Security status not satisfied” email scam text:

Subject: Security status not satisfied.

I was planning to say hello, but now I think greetings are unnecessary.

Firstly, I already know you and all your loved ones very well.
Secondly, the occasion for which I’m writing to you is not the happiest one for a friendly greeting.

You’ve heard that the Internet is a dangerous place, infested with malicious links and hackers like me?
Of course, you’ve heard, but what’s the point in it if you are so dismissive of your internet security and don’t care what websites you visit?
Times have changed. You read about AI, judging by your browser history, and still didn’t understand anything?

Technologies have stepped far forward, and now hackers like me use artificial intelligence.
Thanks to it, I can get not only access to your webcam and record your fun with highly controversial video
(I recorded it also, but now that’s not the point), but also to all your devices and not only yours.
And I saved a special sauce for this dish. I went further and sent malicious links to all your contacts from your account.

Yes, someone was smarter and realized that this was a trap and you were hacked, but believe me,
about 70% of your contact list (and these are your friends, colleagues, and family) bought into my scam.
They have as many skeletons in their closet as you do. Some turn out to be hidden homosexuals…

I have accumulated and analyzed a huge amount of compromising data on you and those with whom you communicate.
Very soon I’ll start a crossfire – everyone will receive the full history of correspondence
(and there are enough of “sensitive moments”) and recordings from the other contact’s webcam.
I can go further and put all these files, as well as the recorded fun of you and your hacked contacts with “hardcore videos” into the public domain.

You can imagine, it will be a real sensation!
And everyone will understand where it came from – from you.
For all your contacts and, you will be enemy number one. Even your relatives will take a long time to forgive you and forget such a family shame…

It will be the real end of the world. The only difference is that there will be not four horsemen of the apocalypse, but only one – (=
But there is no such thing as a completely black stripe without any white dots.
Luckily for you, in my case the “Three M Rule” comes into play – Money, Money and Money again.

I’m not interested in your worthless life, I’m interested in people from whom I can profit.
And today you are one of them.

That’s why: Transfer $1390 in Bitcoin to: …within 48 hours!

While the email and its contents may seem alarming, it’s nothing more than a scam. It’s written in a very mocking tone, which is supposed to make the recipient anxious. The threat of revealing highly personal information and sensitive content to contacts is another scare tactic that, unfortunately, does work on some users. However, no matter how convincing this and other similar emails look, they are completely fake. Users’ computers are not infected with malware, nor has their personal information been stolen. It goes without saying that paying anything would be a waste.

Some sextortion emails also reveal passwords, ones that the recipients use. This is another tactic used by sextortion scammers, and it does work to convince users that their computers have been compromised. However, while senders may claim otherwise, passwords are simply bought from hacker forums where they end up after data breaches. If a service does not have adequate security measures, passwords can easily be stolen during a cyber attack. The passwords then end up on hacker forums where they are bought by cybercriminals.

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