What is VID001.exe

What is VID001.exe

What is VID001.exe

VID001.exe is an executable file associated with a trojan. If you are reading this report, you likely noticed the process running in your Task Manager. If so, we strongly recommend scanning your computer with reliable anti-malware software to identify the infection and remove VID001.exe. If the process in running, there likely is a trojan installed on your computer. Trojans can perform different activities, some steal data or install other malware, while others mine for cryptocurrency. If the VID001.exe process is using a lot of your CPU, it’s definitely mining. It’s essentially using your computer’s resources to get cryptocurrency. This is highly noticeable and rather disruptive, but not particularly damaging to the computer.

Trojans usually spread via malicious websites, spam emails, or are installed by other malware. Users who browse pornographic, gambling, and free streaming websites, as well as pages hosting copyrighted content for free are at high risk of acquiring the infection. It’s no secret that those pages are hosting loads of questionable ads, a lot of which could lead to malware infection. The least you can do when browsing those sites is use an adblocker.

How do trojans spread?

Trojans can infect a computer in a variety of ways, such as spam emails and malicious downloads. Spam emails are one of the most common ways users infect their computer. It’s enough for the user to open an attached infected file for the malware to initiate and start its malicious activity. Users are warned to always be careful when dealing with unsolicited emails. Before opening attachments, users need to make sure they are not malicious. The best way to do that is to scan the attachment with anti-malware software or VirusTotal. Signs pointing to an email being potentially dangerous include many grammar mistakes, strange language, pressure to open the attachment, random sender’s email address, as well as the attached file named something like “invoice”, “receipt”, “tax form”, etc.

Alternatively, the trojan could have entered via other malware on your computer. If you did not notice an infection present on your computer, it could be allowing other malware to enter in the background. This is why having anti-malware software installed is so important. VID001.exe could have also downloaded when you visited malicious websites. The download could have happened without you even noticing.

What does VID001.exe do?

VID001.exe belongs to Trojan that mines cryptocurrency. So if you notice it in your Task Manager (which you can open by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del -> Task Manager), it’s probably using your computer’s resources to mine, hence why the CPU usage is so high. Mining processes usually use more than 70-80% of your CPU, which makes their presence rather obvious. This causes your computer to slow down, programs to start crashing, and other issues.

Mining for cryptocurrency doesn’t particularly harm your computer but it’s not something you should allow to happen. Cyber crooks are using your computer’s resources to get money. We should mention that if the mining malware is left on your computer for a longer period of time, your CPU’s lifespan may be shortened.

VID001.exe removal

Use anti-malware software to delete VID001.exe, as that is the most reliable way. It’s not a good idea to try to uninstall VID001.exe manually, unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing. Otherwise, you could end up doing more damage.

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