Why do you need to remove MuteAllTabs?

Why do you need to remove MuteAllTabs?

About this infection

MuteAllTabs a dubious browser extension that can be considered to be a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It’s advertised as an extension that would mute all your tabs. This can be helpful when sites automatically launch some kind of video or ad. However, browsers offer that option anyway, so there is no need to use some questionable extension. Whether you install it yourself, or if it enters your computer without you even knowing, you will start noticing that you encounter ads more often. They will appear constantly, and some might even be malicious. PUPs are not considered to be dangerous themselves but they can expose the user to malware, and that would be a much more serious infection. We recommend you remove MuteAllTabs as soon as possible. And if you really need an extension with the same functions, there are more reliable options available.


How does it infect a computer?

PUPs can be oftentimes be downloaded from official sites or browser stores, but they also spread via freeware bundles. What that means is that they are added to freeware as extra offers. Those offers are set to install if you do not deselect them, so if you do not notice them during freeware installation, they will install alongside. If you use Default settings, you will most likely not notice them. This is why you need to use Advanced or Custom settings. They will allow you to check whether there is something, and to deselect it/them. You should deselect everything because those offers are hidden for a reason. Whichever way the PUP managed to infect your computer, you should uninstall MuteAllTabs as soon as possible.

Why should you delete MuteAllTabs?

This PUP is promoted as a useful extension but it does not offer anything your browser doesn’t. When sound is coming from one of the sites you have opened, a speaker sign will appear in the tab, and if you click on it, it will mute. So you do not need the extension. That is why it is doubtful that you installed it yourself. You should remove MuteAllTabs. More intrusive and bigger amount of ads will follow the installation of this extension. The ads will start appearing constantly, even when browsing sites where you usually do not encounter adverts. It should be mentioned that while the PUP is not malicious itself, some of the ads it generates might not be as harmless. This is why you should avoid clicking on any ads while the PUP is active. No matter what great offers you see, or how useful some advertised program seems, remember that you clicking on it could bring about a malware infection. Uninstall MuteAllTabs.

MuteAllTabs removal

It should not be difficult to manually delete MuteAllTabs. Erase it from the extensions section of your browsers, and everywhere else where it might be present. Make sure you get rid of all of its components because only then will it disappear. If you struggle with manual MuteAllTabs removal, obtain anti-spyware software, and have it do everything for you.

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