Why you need to remove Secure-surf.net

Why you need to remove Secure-surf.net

About this hijacker

Secure-surf.net is a website promoted by a browser hijacker. That is the site that will become your homepage if you install the hijacker, which usually happens without the user even noticing. This particular hijacker travels with an extension known as TubeTab. If you installed it, whether willingly or not, you now have the above mentioned site set as your homepage and new tabs. Hijackers are not very dangerous infections by themselves so no need to worry about it deleting or taking your files for ransom. It will merely take over your browsers so that it could redirect you to sponsored sites. More traffic for one of those pages, more money for owners. That does not mean that the hijacker is completely harmless though. It may be able to lead you to some kind of malware infection so best be careful. And delete Secure-surf.net.


Hijacker spread ways

Browser hijackers are added to free programs as additional offers. You must have installed some kind of program that had TubeTab attached to it. Next time you install anything, use Advanced or Custom settings, instead of Default. If anything is added to the program, you will see in those settings only. Uncheck the boxes of all those extra offers and only then proceed to install the freeware. It would be much more difficult to remove Secure-surf.net than it would to uncheck a couple of boxes.

Why uninstall Secure-surf.net?

You will notice a hijacker infection right away. It will make changes to your browser that you did not agree with, and will set its promoted sites as your homepage and new tabs. And those changes are irreversible unless you get rid of the infection first. So until you delete Secure-surf.net, every time you open Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you will be redirected to that unwanted site. Your new homepage is promoting a search engine that we do not recommend using. It will lead to Saferbrowser Yahoo, where you could be encountering sponsored content. Hijackers earn income this way. They try to generate as much traffic as possible to certain sites so that owners could get revenue. Since hijackers do not ensure that the sites it redirects you to are safe, you could easily be led to a malicious page, one that might lead you to a malware infection. There are much more reliable search engines out there and you should look into them if you are looking to change things around. In the mean time, remove Secure-surf.net.

Secure-surf.net removal

You can uninstall Secure-surf.net manually but you would need to find where the hijacker is hiding by yourself, which may be time-consuming. If you do not feel confident you can get rid of it fully, you should obtain anti-spyware software and have it take care of Secure-surf.net removal.

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