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What is is a browser hijacker that provides a dubious search engine. Browser hijackers are potentially unwanted programs that hijack browsers in order to redirect users to sponsored web pages. They usually enter computers via software bundles, which means it is attached to free software and can install alongside without the user even noticing. is not malicious but the redirects it forces on you might be dangerous. Browser hijackers aim to generate pay-per-click revenue for certain websites and they do not care if the sites are safe. You could be directed to a malicious domain and end up with malware if you are not careful. It does not provide anything useful to you, so you will not lose anything of value if you remove


Why should you delete

You need to start paying more attention to how you install free software. Unwanted items like are attached to free software and that allows them to install without your explicit permission. Those items are optional, however. In order to prevent them from installing, you need to select Advanced or Custom settings when you install free software. In those settings, you will be able to uncheck what has been added and proceed with the software installations. By choosing Default settings, you are essentially allowing the added items to install. Avoid using those settings as much as possible because otherwise, you will end up with all sort unneeded items. Had you chosen Advanced, you would not need to uninstall is just like any other browser hijacker, which means that it will hijack your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers and change settings. Every time you open your browser, you will be taken to because your homepage, new tabs and search engine have been altered. It should be noted that the hijacker will not allow you to change the settings. In order to do that, you would need to remove At first glance, might look reliable but once you start using the search engine, you will realize that it inserts advertisements among the legitimate results. You might be taken to all sorts of unreliable websites that have nothing to do with what you were searching for. All because wants to generate traffic for sponsored websites. You might even end up on dangerous pages where you could obtain malware by accident. A browser hijacker is a minor issue, malware would not be. We strongly suggest you uninstall removal

There are two ways to delete, depending on how knowledgeable you are with computers. If you can locate this hijacker, you are welcome to erase manually. However, you can also use a reliable removal tool to take care of removal.

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