HDMusicStreamSearches browser hijacker removal

HDMusicStreamSearches browser hijacker removal

HDMusicStreamSearches is a browser hijacker that will make unwanted changes to your browser’s settings and try to redirect you to sponsored websites. It will set portal.hdmusicstreamsearches.com as your homepage and searchlee.com as your default search engine. These changes are made without your explicit permission and will allow the hijacker to alter search results in order to redirect you. However, it’s not a particularly dangerous computer infection, nor will it directly harm the computer.



HDMusicStreamSearches is advertised as an extension that’s supposed to make finding music easier. However, it’s merely a ruse to trick users into keeping the hijacker installed for longer. This hijacker is essentially identical to VIPSportSearch, DigitalPDFConverterSearch, ProStreamSearch with only the name and address being different. Overall, it’s a pretty generic browser hijacker with no out-of-the-ordinary features or characteristics.

The good thing about browser hijackers is that they are very noticeable infections. HDMusicStreamSearches will set portal.hdmusicstreamsearches.com as your homepage and searchlee.com as your default search engine. These changes can affect all popular browsers, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You will not be able to undo the changes as long as the hijacker remains installed because it will just keep making changes over and over again. So until you remove HDMusicStreamSearches, you’re stuck with the questionable site set as your homepage. The site has shortcuts to a PDF converter, a cryptocurrency/currency converter, and a calculator. The site will also show a search box. If you use the search box or your browser’s address bar to search for something, you will be shown results by a questionable search engine searchlee.com. The search engine will alter your search results in order to insert sponsored websites. This is how hijackers redirect users, and that is their main purpose.

A browser hijacker is not considered to be a dangerous computer infection as it does not directly harm the computer. However, hijackers do try to redirect to sponsored websites, and they do that by pushing questionable search engines that alter results. We don’t recommend using the searchlee.com search engine but if you do, be careful about the search results as sponsored content will be inserted among legitimate results. Most of those sponsored websites will be harmless but have little to do with what you were searching for so there’s no reason to engage with those results. Though it should be mentioned that browser hijackers can redirect to potentially dangerous websites. For example, you may end up on a site that hides malware or promotes scams.

One last thing to mention about browser hijackers is that they track users’ browsing and collect certain information. HDMusicStreamSearches will track what sites you visit, what you search for, your IP address, what content you interact with, etc. It won’t collect personal information but its data collection practices are still quite intrusive. The data can later be shared with unknown third parties. Considering that you did not even install the extension yourself, there’s no reason to put up with the invasive data collection when you get nothing in return.

Browser hijackers aren’t particularly dangerous so you should be able to remove HDMusicStreamSearches manually fairly easily. However, it’s easiest to use anti-virus software because the program would take care of everything. Once the hijacker is gone, your browsing should return to normal.

Browser hijacker installation methods

Since this hijacker is advertised as an extension that would make it easier to search for music, it’s possible that some users could install it themselves intentionally. If that is what happened in your case, we recommend that you take the time to research programs and extensions before installing them. A search with Google would provide many results that would suggest HDMusicStreamSearches removal. Unless you wish to fill your computer with junk programs, you need to be very careful about what programs you install.

If you do not recall installing the extension, it’s possible it was installed via software bundling. It’s a rather sneaky installation method that essentially allows programs to install without permission from users. It’s often used by unwanted program developers because it essentially tricks users without them even realizing it. The way software bundling works is infections like browser hijackers and adware come attached to free software as extra offers. The offers, while optional, are permitted to install alongside automatically without you needing to approve the installation. It is possible to deselect the offers but many users simply do not notice them, which is how they’re permitted to install in the first place. You can probably see why infections like hijackers are distributed this way.

As we mentioned above, the offers are optional so it is possible to prevent their installation. All you need to do is pay attention to the installation process and choose Advanced (Custom) settings. If you install programs in Default settings, whatever comes added to the program will be hidden and permitted to install alongside automatically. But if you opt for Advanced settings, the extra offers will be made visible. You will also have the option to deselect whatever offer you do not want. Some of the offers may seem useful at first sight but you should always be very skeptical of them. Programs that essentially try to bypass your permission should not be permitted to install onto your device.

Most programs that you download from those free download websites will have extra offers attached to them. It’s very important that you pay attention to how you install programs because otherwise, you’ll fill your computer with junk.

HDMusicStreamSearches removal

Browser hijackers aren’t particularly dangerous infections so you can remove HDMusicStreamSearches manually. Once the hijacker is gone, you will be able to change your browser’s settings as normal.

If you don’t have a lot of experience with uninstalling programs, persistent ones, in particular, we highly recommend you use anti-virus software such as WiperSoft to delete HDMusicStreamSearches. The program would uninstall HDMusicStreamSearches without you needing to do anything. In addition to getting rid of the hijacker, the anti-virus would also undo all setting changes, returning your browser to normal.

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