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What is is an email address that belongs to a very nasty infection called ransomware. The main aim of this threat is to obtain money from users, so it will really perform activities in order to convince you to pay money. In fact, you might even notice that it is impossible to use your computer after ransomware slithers onto your computer. The only thing that you can do in such a situation is to remove from the system. Unfortunately, this might not be so easy to do because this is a serious computer infection that does not allow users to erase it via Control Panel. You can find more information on the removal in this article. We also promise to tell you more about the threat itself.


How does ransomware act?

It has been noticed that ransomware enters systems without a user’s consent and immediately starts doing what it is programmed to do. First of all, will encrypt the majority of your files, including text documents, pictures, videos, music, and much more. Then, will ask you to write an email to email address and then pay a particular sum of money claiming that this is the only way to gain access to your files. Actually, this is not true, so you should not pay money to cyber criminals. We do not recommend doing that because there are no guarantees that schemers will send you the key for unlocking files. On top of that, it is possible to recover files from a backup. Of course, you have to uninstall ransomware first because it might encrypt your files again. Besides, it will still keep performing all kinds of activities behind your back, e.g. ransomware will connect to the Internet and it might even violate your privacy.

How did ransomware enter my system?

This malicious program (malware) is very sneaky. It might enter systems after users open a spam email attachment once. It is also known that ransomware infection might slither onto computers when users download a package of software from a third-party website or simply click on the link they find on such a website. Other undesirable programs that exist on your PC might download ransomware too. As you can see, it is very important to keep the system clean all the time. An automatic security application can help you to achieve that, so if you do not have such a tool on your PC, acquire and install it immediately.

How to delete ransomware?

It is very important that you remove ransomware infection from the system as soon as possible because it will not allow you to use your PC and might download other malicious programs on your computer. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to successfully implement the manual removal, so we believe that you have to delete infection automatically. In order to do that, acquire a reputable scanner and then perform a system scan. A trustworthy tool will not allow other similar threats to slither onto your computer in the future too.

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