How to remove

How to remove

What is is an annoying browser hijacker that affects Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Once it enters a new computer, it immediately changes the home page and default search engine, so that it could present users with links that belong to the promoted third parties. The most important thing to remember concerning this type of application is the fact that they are often associated with malicious software which means that they can infect your PC too. We recommend to delete as soon as you notice it in your system and to recover your previous settings.


How does work?

Browser hijackers usually enter user’s system in freeware bundles and is no exception. It usually attacks users who frequently acquire free programs from unofficial pages. If you wish to protect your computer in the future, we recommend to be more attentive during your installations. Make sure to always pick Advanced or Custom option and follow the process closely. If you notice any additional applications, deselect them.

As we already mentioned before, the hijacker often works with malware and thus, it is advisable to take care of removal at once. The application scatters sponsored links in between your search results which makes them highly untrustworthy and dangerous. It is very likely that after clicking one of the links, you will stumble upon a malignant website and get infected with virus, Trojan, or some other type of mawlare. The same thing may happen with the advertisements this hijacker presents in almost all the windows. While users mainly complain that the ads are irritating and distracting, you should not ignore the fact that they may be just as dangerous as the search results. We recommend to stay away form the pop-ups, banners, etc. the same way you should avoid the search results. The best choice, of course, would be to terminate

Another reason to not delay removal process is the tracking of your online activities it performs. Hijacker collects your data and shares it with the third parties which, as was already established, are dangerous. To stop the spying, we advise to delete immediately.

How to remove

In order to get rid of, you should employ a reputable computer security tool like Wipersoft (its 100% FREE). A trustworthy and powerful anti-spyware will not only delete, but also will safeguard your system from other kinds of threats. While sometimes it is possible to erase manually, this software is quite complicated and thus, some files might accidentally be left behind. If that would happen, you would still need to employ an anti-spyware to clean your PC.

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