How to remove

How to remove


You are constantly redirected to because your computer is infected with adware, which probably installed along with free software and you did not notice. The adware is not a dangerous infection by itself, and is more annoying than anything. However, it can still put your computer in jeopardy by exposing you to dangerous ads. Adware aims to show you as many ads as possible in order to generate revenue, but it does not ensure that the ads are safe. If you are not careful, you could end up on a dangerous web page and accidentally download malware. So the sooner you remove, the better.


The adware probably installed via software bundling. This method is popular among unwanted program developers because it allows their items to install without users noticing. The following section of the report will explain how you can avoid installing these unwanted offers.

How does adware install?

To avoid installing adware, browser hijackers and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) in the future, you need to learn how to install freeware correctly.

The adware was attached to free software in a way that allowed it to install alongside when you installed the freeware. These unwanted installations can be prevented if you pay attention to how you install freeware. The offers are hidden in Default settings, so what you need to do is opt for Advanced or Custom settings. Those settings will not only make all offers visible, but will also allow you to deselect everything. Simply unchecking the boxes is enough. You can then continue installing the program.

Unchecking all offers is always recommended because they will not be of any use to you. If you allow those offers to install, your computer will quickly fill up with junk.

What does the adware do?

As soon as the adware installs, it will start generating advertisements. You’ll constantly be redirected to and shown weird ads. The ads will appear on all popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Little can be done to avoid those ads.

The adware will expose you to all kinds of advertisements, from banners to pop-ups. Engaging with those ads is not recommended because they can expose you to dangerous content. The ads may encourage you install questionable software or to participate in surveys, which aim to get your personal information. Installing any of the offered programs could lead to a serious malware infection. Only trust official/legitimate sites with secure downloads.

Adware will also track you as you browse. It will track what you search for, what sites you visit, what content you engage with, what you press on, your location, etc. The adware would be then use the data to generate ads that are more relevant to you. Furthermore, the data would be sold to or shared with unknown third-parties. removal

The easiest way to delete would be to use anti-spyware software. Those programs are designed to deal with such infections, so this would be the easiest way. However, you can also uninstall manually. If you are unsure about where to start, use the below provided instructions.

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