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What is is a website that presents a “new-age searching tool”, which can supposedly revolutionize the way that we browse the Web. It is supposed to provide you with the most relevant information, thus helping you to personalize your online experience. Although this may all sound very good, is nothing more than a yet another browser hijacker. Its main purpose has nothing to do with improving the way that you surf online. Instead, it is aimed at generating revenue for its creators by boosting web traffic. It alters your browser settings, floods you with ads, causes redirects, and so on. We advise that you do not hesitate to delete from your Internet browsers.


Joomborio virus

How does work?

Joomborio’s description makes it seem like users can truly benefit from it. However, if you actually have this extension in your browsers, you already know that it adds no value to your computer. It changes your browser settings by replacing your home page and default search provider with This site looks more or less like any other search page. It contains a search box and such search parameters as Web, Images, Videos, and Games. If you make use of this search box, you will get presented with results containing multiple sponsored links.

The advertising data related to the hijacker will not be limited to the results page. Its ads will appear everywhere you go online. You will also get redirected to the hijacker’s associated sites. This is not surprising, because the hijacker employs pay-per-click system, which allows it to make profit for every time you click on the adverts that it shows you. Please note, however, that these ads are not endorsed by the program. They could be fake. If you click on a fake ad, you will risk falling for an online scam, which may result in serious consequences like malware infections, financial losses, and so on. In order to make sure that that does not happen, you should get rid of as soon as you can.

How to remove

There are two options for you to choose from, when it comes to removal. One of them is to erase manually by uninstalling Joomborio from your computer and fixing your browser settings. If you need more information on how to complete these tasks, you are welcome to use the manual removal guide that we have prepared below this article. There is, however, an alternative to this solution, which is automatic removal. It can be completed with the help of the anti-malware tool provided on our site. This security tool will scan your system and detect all potential threats. It will eliminate along with other unwanted components. Moreover, it will also keep your PC protected in the future by providing it with online protection in real time.

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