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What is known about redirect (also known as my1tab) is classified as a browser hijacker for a reason. This annoying application will modify all of your internet browsers’ settings. Thus, it does not matter whether Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is your favorite web surfer, may still find a way to infiltrate it. Once the hijacker gets into your computer, you will soon notice a new homepage. We would like to say that you will not be able to choose your preferred homepage while is on your computer. Some people think that is harmless. However, we can assure you that this hijacker can do more harm than good. Do not let the infection stay in your PC and perform unwanted changes. Delete browser hijacker as soon as possible. You can find more information about removal at the very end of this article.


Why does deserve removal?

If you do not uninstall soon, the hijacker might make you experience an identity theft. carefully gathers all the possible information about your web surfing habits. This data is definitely useful for various companies that want to advertise their products. However, even if you notice a promotion that you actually want to buy, we do not recommend doing so. The advertised service or product may be simply a scam. does not care whether the promoted websites are safe to use. Hence, you may soon find yourself exploring the very dark side of the World Wide Web. So do not wait any longer and delete without hesitation.

How did find my PC in the first place? has most probably entered your virtual device with the help of free software bundles. Most browser hijackers find the users’ computers in such a way. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the installation wizard. Sometimes the unwanted programs’ offers hide in the wizard and PC users do not even notice that. This may happen, if you simply click “next” without reading anything during the installation setup. Also, do not forget to check the “Advanced” settings because the promotions might be hiding there as well. If this did not work and the browser hijacker has still found a way to your computer, you should not waste your time and remove infection immediately.

What is the best way to get rid of

We are not going to lie, removal process can be frustrating. does not travel alone and usually comes together with a group of unwanted infections. Thus, in order to uninstall browser hijacker once and for all, you will need to find and erase all the suspicious programs that have come together with the hijacker. The best way to erase all of them is to implement a reputable malware removal tool. Your security program will delete without any problems. The antivirus tool will also ensure your computer’s security in the future.

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