MySearch123 Virus

MySearch123 Virus

What is MySearch123 Virus?

MySearch123 Virus is a browser hijacker that can modify your browser settings without your approval. It is not technically a virus, however, it causes plenty of disturbances which is why some computer users refer to it in this way. Once the hijacker gets installed, you will start noticing all kinds of unwanted symptoms that will not be limited to the settings modifications. The application aims to generate web traffic which is why you it exposes you to various commercial ads. If you have no interest in dealing with these unwanted interruptions, you should terminate MySearch123 Virus without delay.


How does MySearch123 Virus work?

MySearch123 Virus changes your home page and default search provider to The website contains a search box and such search parameters as Web, Images, Videos and News. Visually, it does not differ much from other legitimate search sites. If you enter a query into the search box, you will get redirected to Google. However, the search results may include additional sponsored links. We suggest that you avoid all commercial data that comes from the hijacker no matter which site it is presented on. The adverts are not monitored by anyone, so they can easily be fake. If you click on a fake ad, you risk infecting your PC with malware or wasting your money on non-existent software. Do not fall victim to these virtual scams. Stay away from all adverts until you delete MySearch123 Virus.

You will also notice other disturbances when dealing with the hijacker. It will cause redirects to various unknown sites in the middle of your browsing. The hijacker will employ tracking cookies and collect information about the sites you visit, the searches you make and so on. The collected data will be used to personalize the ads you see on your favorite pages. The hijacker may also affect your Internet connection and computer performance. You should not hesitate with MySearch123 Virus removal.

How to delete MySearch123 Virus?

If you have the so-called virus in your system, it is more than likely that you have other unwanted applications in it as well. The easiest way to eliminate MySearch123 Virus and other potential threats from your PC is to implement a malware removal tool like Wipersoft and clean your system. It is possible to erase MySearch123 Virus manually, however, that would not guarantee that all elements of the infection get eliminated. If, on the other hand, you remove MySearch123 Virus by using the anti-malware tool, you will be able to delete all unwanted files and programs from your computer and make sure that similar parasites do not infiltrate your system in the future.

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