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What is redirects are occurring because there is an adware program installed on your computer. You might not even notice the adware as it enters silently. You might also think that malware is causing those pop-up ads. But that it not the case, adware is generally not considered to malicious but it will test your patience. Adware aims to make money by exposing users to ads so expect the redirects to happen quite often. You must have allowed the adware to install when you installed free software. Freeware generally comes together with all kinds of unwanted items so you need to pay attention when installing. It should also be noted that adware can sometimes expose users to malicious content, which could lead to a serious malware infection. Delete if you want to go back to usual browsing.


How does spread?

The reason you have adware on your computer is because you did not correctly install freeware. You might not even be aware of this but a lot of freeware has some sort of item bundled with it. Those items can be deselected if the user chooses Advanced (Custom) settings during freeware installation. Just uncheck the boxes next to the added items and you can proceed to install the freeware. Do not pick Default settings because you cannot deselect anything and those added items will end up installing. Had you not rushed through the installation process in Default, you possibly would not need to uninstall right now.

What does do?

As soon as the adware installs onto your computer, prepare for never-ending pop-ups. It will happen on all leading browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox so you cannot just switch browsers and hope the problem goes away because it will not. You will need to remove from the computer to fix the problem. You may be offered to obtain some kind of software or to participate in a survey and you should refrain from doing both. If you download software from a dubious source, you are risking downloading malware instead of the intended software. Only trust official/legitimate web pages to provide you with secure downloads. And if you participate in questionable surveys, you could expose your private information to the wrong people. If you value your privacy and do not wish to risk infecting your computer with malware, we strongly recommend you uninstall

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In order to fully remove, you may need to obtain professional removal software. It would take care of removal without much issues. Automatic removal is quicker because you do not need to locate the adware yourself. However, we will provide instructions to help you delete by hand as well. After you erase, you will be able to go back to normal browsing.

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