Puklusi.ru Redirect Removal

Puklusi.ru Redirect Removal

What is Puklusi.ru?

Puklusi.ru is a browser hijacker that is identical to many others. It must have gotten into your system when you installed free software and did not notice Puklusi.ru attached. It will not directly harm your computer as that is not its goal. It aims to make income for sponsored pages from pay-per-click revenue and uses you to achieve that. You will find that your browser’s settings have been altered and you are experiencing random redirects to weird websites. You could even be taken to malicious domains, where malware is lurking. You need to uninstall Puklusi.ru.


How did Puklusi.ru infect my computer?

These kinds of low-lever infections use the bundling method to install onto computers. You must have recently installed free software that had Puklusi.ru attached to it. When installing software, especially the free kind, you always need to use Advanced mode. In those settings, you will be able to view what has been added to the freeware. If there is something, just uncheck the boxes next to the bundled items and that will prevent them from installing. If you choose Default settings, however, you will end up installing what has been added. And you will not even realize until it is too late. Always use Advanced and you will not have to remove Puklusi.ru or similar.

Why delete Puklusi.ru?

If it is installed onto your computer, you will find that Puklusi.ru has been set as your homepage and new tabs. It affects all major browsers so not matter if you open Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you will be taken to Puklusi.ru. You will be even more irritated when you cannot change the settings back. You would first need to uninstall Puklusi.ru from your system. So until you do so, you are stuck with Puklusi.ru. Your anti-malware software might immediately react and warn you about potentially unwanted content found on the site. Your security software blocking access to the website should ring warning bells. If you proceed to enter the website, you will see many articles and a search engine that generates results via Google. We do not suggest pressing on any of the provided articles as you might taken to weird websites. Puklusi.ru may aim to generate pay-per-click revenue for some sponsored websites, and we doubt you want to take part in that. You might even run into malware, eventually. We suggest you remove Puklusi.ru.

Puklusi.ru removal

If you can locate the hijacker, you can delete Puklusi.ru manually. But you will have to find everything that is related to Puklusi.ru. If, however, you do not think you can erase Puklusi.ru manually, there is the automatic option. Obtain a reliable removal tool and allow it to take care of Puklusi.ru removal for you. Whichever way you choose to eliminate Puklusi.ru, make sure you do it fully so that it cannot renew itself.

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