What is, also known as, is a yet another browser hijacker. It usually enters your system together with a potentially unwanted application called Easy Dial. Once inside, the hijacker alters your browser settings and starts flooding you with advertising data. It employs pay-per-click system, so each time you click on one of the ads, you help its developers to make profit. You will notice these changes no matter which web browser you use, because the hijacker is compatible with all of them, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and others. If you want to eliminate the unnecessary advertising content and go back to your original preferences, you will have to delete


How does work?

The main symptom of the hijacker is the fact that it can modify your browser settings including your home page and default search provider. These settings are switched to, which is a website that contains a search box, and not much else. If you enter a term into the box, you will get presented with original results, however, they will contain multiple sponsored links. This is not the best way to look for information online. Moreover, the hijacker will also cause other inconveniences like inserting ads into your visited sites, causing redirects, slowing down your surfing speed, and more. If you want to eliminate these symptoms, you should terminate right away.

Although you should not waste any time, when it comes to removal, you also should not panic, if it is in your system, because it cannot harm your computer on its own. What it can do is expose you to unsafe online data, and if you interact with it, you could infect your computer with harmful programs like malware, ransomware, rogue anti-spyware, and so on. You could also suffer other consequences like wasting your money on fake shopping sites, sharing your details with unreliable sources, and more. That is another reason why we urge you to get rid of the hijacker without further delay.

How to remove

You can delete from your browsers manually or you can implement an automatic removal tool. If you choose the first option, you will have to uninstall the hijacker’s related app (Easy Dial) before you can move on to erasing it from your browsers. You can find step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of manually below the article. Alternatively, you can download the anti-malware tool from our page and use it to scan and clean your PC. It will help you to not only erase, but also eliminate other threats that your system may contain. In addition removal, the security software will also provide you with real-time online protection thus ensuring that your computer stays safeguarded at all times.

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