What is is a browser hijacker, completely identical to, another hijacker. You might be surprised when it just suddenly appears on your browser but do not be alarmed. It is not malicious, is a mere browser hijacker. Contrary to what most users believe, browser hijackers require permission to enter a computer and they get it without you even noticing. They are attached to free software in a way that allows them to install, unless they are deselected. Besides appearing on your browser, you might start experiencing other browsing interruptions. You could be bombarded with advertisements or encounter redirects. It should be noted that while is not malicious, that does mean it cannot lead you to malware. We suggest you be extra careful until you remove from your computer.


Why should you delete was attached to free software as an additional item that you had the choice of installing. It installs automatically if the user does not deselect it and installs freeware in Default settings. You must always pick Advanced as those are the only settings where you can deselect the added items. If there is something attached, uncheck the box and that will be sufficient. Do not rush through the installation process in Default settings because you will not be able to view anything that has been added. And you cannot deselect something you do not see. Had you deselected the hijacker, you would not need to uninstall right now.

Both and offer funny stories in a very basic page. It has a “Funny Collection” logo and countless pages of supposedly funny stories and a couple of ads. It can hijack all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. will suddenly appear as your homepage and new tabs, and the setting changes cannot be undone until you delete from your computer, which you are probably eager to do anyway. You might also start seeing advertisements and experience other kinds of interruptions.¬† is really of no use to you, it could even be harmful. You could press on the wrong ad, and end up on malware-ridden website and infect your computer. You need to uninstall as soon as possible. removal

While it should not be difficult to remove, locating it could be complex. If you opt for manual removal, you will have to find it yourself. You are, however, welcome to use the provided instructions below to help you. You can also opt to erase automatically but that will require you to obtain a professional removal tool.

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