What is is the page you may be redirected to if you have an adware program installed on your computer. promotes a system optimizer tool, that is classified as a potentially unwanted program. You may get redirected there at the most random times, no matter where you click while browsing. Adware should not harm your computer directly but it does promote questionable software which could lead to financial loss or a serious infection.


Users usually install adware unknowingly because they do not pay enough attention to how they install free software. Oftentimes, free software comes together with some kind of additional item, such as a hijacker or adware. These unwanted installations can be prevented but the user needs to be aware of the added items in order to do so. And most are not. Delete adware and you can go back to usual browsing.

How does spread?

The adware entered your computer together with free software. When installing freeware, you must pay close attention and always use Advanced or Custom settings. In those settings, you will be able to view and deselect what has been added. If there is something attached, uncheck the boxes of those items and you can continue to install the freeware. Do not rush through the process because you will end up will all kinds of unwanted programs. Rushing is also the reason why you are stuck having to remove adware now.

What does do? adware will infect all leading browsers installed on your computer. So the redirects to will happen no matter which browser you use, be it Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The only way to stop the redirects would be to uninstall from the system. You will be offered to download security software Scan Guard. The program is not reliable and may try to fool you into thinking that your computer has many issues. It would then try to make you buy the full version, which is currently available for €49 for a 12 month subscription. Do not spend that much money on some questionable software that may not even do what it promises to. Constant redirects to may be a good strategy to promote the program but on some, it may have the opposite affect. Many users will become so sick of those irritating pop-ups, they might not want anything to do with the program. Adware generated pop-ups can be very annoying because they are never-ending and appear even if you browse completely legitimate pages. If you want to stop the pop-ups, you need delete removal

It can be difficult to remove manually because adware is hidden so it’s harder to get rid of it. We will provide instructions but if you prefer, you can also obtain professional removal software and have it uninstall for you. After you erase, you can go back to usual browsing.

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