Remove Redirect Virus

Remove Redirect Virus

About this infection is a questionable site that may have been set as your homepage by a browser hijacker. There is no need to worry too much if this change happens as hijackers are not serious infections. They change browser’s settings, set weird sites as homepages, and try to redirect you to sponsored content. It does all this to be able to generate traffic for sponsored sites. More traffic means more money for site owners. Hijackers usually manage to enter computers because users are inattentive when they install freeware. Those free programs come together with added offers, which usually come in the form of a hijacker or adware. Even though this is not a serious infection, you need to remove right away because eventually, it could expose you to malicious software.


How to avoid hijacker infections?

If you want to block hijackers from installing alongside the freeware, you need to deselect them. When you install any kind of program, choose Advanced or Custom settings. Those settings will allow you to check whether there has been something added. If there is, all you need to do is deselect it/them. Default settings do not show you anything, which is why you should avoid using them. You should also refrain from rushing as you risk missing something. It’s doubtful you got it from anywhere else, but whichever way you obtained, you should delete

Why uninstall

The hijacker will change your browser’s settings so that its promoted website would load instead of your usual homepage. New tabs and default search engine will also be affected. The changes will be irreversible while the hijacker is still present. Until you remove, every time you open Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you will be greeted with a weird site. The only thing present on the site is a search engine. It allows you to switch between Google, Yahoo and Bing, but it essentially works like any other search engine. You will also notice that the site lacks two crucial forms, the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Without them, you have no way of knowing whether information about you is collected, how it’s stored/shared. The hijacker could be collecting your personal information and sharing it with all kinds of third-parties. And it does not even provide any useful features. Why would you use some questionable website when you could go to the search engines directly. Delete removal

You have two options when it comes removal. If you have anti-spyware, you can use it to uninstall It is also possible to get rid of it manually, you would just need to find the hijacker’s location. Make sure you fully terminate the hijacker because only then will you be able to return to usual browsing.

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