What is infection? is a browser hijacker that can sneak into your data machine and change the settings of all your web surfers. Your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer will have a new homepage and search provider. Once is ruling your computer’s system, you will not be able to choose the preferred settings. Therefore, you should delete infection as soon as possible. You can find more information on how to remove successfully at the very end of this article. Please make sure that you follow the guide attentively. is a sneaky hijacker and will definitely try to find a way back to your computer. The suspicious application will use every possible opportunity to stay in your system.


How did reach your data machine? has an official internet page. However, you could not have installed the infection from there. Most probably has sneaked into your virtual device with the help of other questionable applications. Browser hijacker tend to enter the users’ computers via software bundles. This method is extremely common among the browser hijackers’ developers because the majority of computer users do not pay much attention to the installation wizard. For this very reason many undesirable applications hide in the installation setup. In order to deselect the unwanted programs, you should always choose the “Advanced” or “Custom” settings. By selecting the “Recommended” option, you may not be able to deselect the suspicious applications. Also, if the browser hijacker has already reached your computer, you should take care of the immediate removal.

Why do I need to delete immediately?

You will not find any information about browser hijackers privacy policies. simply does not reveal what kind of information the application collects. In the majority of cases, browser hijackers gather data about your web surfing habits, for instance, the IP address, visited internet pages, and commonly entered search queries. However, we cannot reassure that is not able to reach some of your even more private details. The only way to know that your information is safe is to delete once and for all. The hijacker is useless anyways; more than that, could cause serious computer issues. You may soon realize that your data machine has slowed down. This could happen of the enormous amount of ads being advertised in your computer’s system.

How to remove from my computer?

You can uninstall either manually or automatically. The manual removal will require you to find all the suspicious programs that may be connect to and delete them. In order to delete automatically, you will only have to implement a reputable malware removal tool. The security program will be able to erase all the threats instantaneously. On top of that, you will never have to face similar issues again because the antivirus program will protect your computer’s system from the annoying threats.

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