What is (also known as redirect) is classified as a browser hijacker. The application can cause serious computer issues. On top of that, it is extremely irritating to have the browser hijacker in your computer’s system. will alter all of your web browsers and modify the preferred settings. Thus, you will not longer be able to choose the wanted search engine or homepage. The only way to get your preferred homepage back is to delete once and for all. We are going to tell you more about the removal and you can find the information at the very end of this article. Please make sure that you follow the instructions carefully or the threat may find your virtual device once again.

How did enter my computer’s system?

Although infection has an official internet page, you cannot download the program’s installation file from there. On the contrary, browser hijacker applies questionable techniques in order to enter your data machine. can hijack your computer’s system with the help of the suspicious software bundles.

In addition to that, may enter your PC’s system once you open an infected e-mail attachment.


Why removal is so important? does not reveal its privacy policy. This can mean that the browser hijacker will be able to collect your private data. is interested in learning as much as possible about your web surfing habits. Such information helps to identify your needs. The hijacker can later promote ads that may actually interest you. However, as tempting it would be to check one of the promoted internet pages, you should stay away from the sponsored content. does not check whether the advertised internet websites are trustworthy. Hence, your computer may be soon found by even more annoying infections. Thus, removal has to be on your priority list.

We would also like to note that may share the gathered data with third parties. Therefore, you could even have to deal with serious privacy violations. Also, if sells the collected information to the suspicious sponsors, your computer may be soon flooded with commercial content. Thus, you should not risk your own privacy and delete as soon as you possibly can.

How to uninstall from my data machine?

You can remove either manually or automatically. The manual removal can be tricky because the browser hijacker may have entered your PC together with other infections. You will need to delete all the programs that might be connected to If you miss even just one suspicious application, may find a way back to your PC. It is a lot easier to find and erase all the undesirable programs with the help of a professional tool. Hence, you should invest in a reputable malware removal tool.

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