Sstartbest.ruĀ is a browser hijacker that might change your browser’s settings. If you suddenly realize that your homepage, new tabs and search engine have been changed without your permission, then the redirect virus has hijacked your browser. It can affect most browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. If it’s on your computer, then you must have recently installed freeware because browser hijackers spread via software bundles. Fortunately for you, browser hijackers are not very serious threats. Nevertheless, you should delete as soon as possible. While not very dangerous, they will try to redirect you to certain websites and those sites are not always safe. You could end up with a computer threat that is much more serious.


How did hijack my computer?

As mentioned before, spreads using software bundles. It’s attached to freeware and automatically installs along with the freeware. You can easily prevent it from installing if you use Advanced (Custom) settings because those settings show you all added items. If you do not want them, just uncheck them in the list and they will not install. You must have used Default settings when you installed freeware and that’s how got into your computer. RemoveĀ if you did install it.

Why do I need to uninstall

Most browser hijackers act the same way. They get into your computer via freeware, change your browser’s settings, set your homepage, new tabs and search engine to their domain and then redirect you to certain websites. might act the same way. It could insert sponsored websites into the search results and show you loads of ads. It does all that to redirect you to certain websites. That’s why it’s called a redirect virus. Those redirects are not only annoying but they might be dangerous as well. They could lead you to infected domains which means you might end up with malware downloading onto your computer. Browser hijackers also track your browsing habits, collect information about what you are interested in and what websites you visit. They then sell that information to third-parties. provides no features that legit search engines do not have so there is no need to keep it. Do not risk it, delete removal

There are two ways to uninstall, by hand or using anti-malware software. If you choose to carry out removal using anti-malware software, that would be the easiest way. Manually trying to remove can be annoying because you need uninstall all programs associated with

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