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Remove Redirect

What is is not a search tool even though it has a word Search in the middle. Instead, it is a website promoted by a browser hijacker that pretends to be a reputable search provider. Specialists say that such bad search tools often fool users into believing that they are trustworthy because they return search results just like genuine search providers. It is not easy to recognize bad search results shown by, so users use it as their default search provider without fear. When they find out that it is not a good search tool, malware is already inside the system performing its activities. The longer you keep it and use it, the bigger is the possibility that this would happen one day. Therefore, you should go to remove from your computer now. You will find advice provided by experienced specialists to help you to implement the removal yourself here.


What does do? is made to look and act like a decent search tool, but it has still been noticed that this search tool cannot be trusted. It is evident that it displays untrustworthy search results to users that only help to promote certain third-party websites. Since the developer of only seeks to get money from this advertising activity, it might also agree to promote web pages belonging to cyber criminals. This means that users might be taken to websites that have bad intentions, for example, you might be offered to download some kind of program there that is dangerous. Also, you might be asked to fill in a form with your personal details. Do not do that by any means because bad people might use this information to fulfill their bad plans or they might sell the gathered data to cyber criminals.

How did enter my computer?

Browser hijackers cannot be downloaded from their official websites because they do not exist. Instead, they are sneaky threats which usually enter computers without permission. does that too. It has been observed that its main distribution method is software bundles. It travels inside them together with other applications so that users will not notice when it enters computers. Actually, this method is used by many other untrustworthy programs, e.g. adware and potentially unwanted applications, so you should be extremely careful if you connect to the Internet daily. In order to feel 100% safe, you should go to install a security application right after the removal.

How can I uninstall from all my browsers?

As you have probably understood after reading this article, is far from a perfect search provider, so you will not lose anything really valuable if you go to delete Instead, you will protect your PC from problems this untrustworthy tool might cause to you if you continue using it to search the web. You can delete in a manual way or remove automatically. No matter how you decide to do that, make sure that the removal is successful and it is gone.

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