Remove Virus

Remove Virus

What is is yet another browser hijacker that can alter a user’s browser settings, thus requiring anti-malware in order to remove usually comes together with other software and once installed, changes browser settings and can lead to more serious infections if it is left untreated. It poses as additional software that could help make the browsing experience better but users should be aware that this software will not benefit them. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the user takes measures in order to erase


How does it work?

If you do not remember downloading , it probably came together with free software. During installation of the free software, the browser hijacker is offered to the user disguised as potentially useful additional software. It may seem easy to use and useful but in reality, it is nothing more than a nuisance that can cause problems to the user and removal of is advised. Many users fail to see the risks and install the additional software anyway. But before it leads to more serious issues, it is recommended to uninstall as soon as it is noticed.

As many other similar browser hijackers, defaults home pages and search engines to its domain page ( without the approval of the user. Each time browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer are opened, the user is immediately taken to If you do not remember changing it, it is most likely that has done it for you. Once this happens, you can not manually change back your browser settings and the only way to restore them is to delete from the computer. If the computer is infected, the user might also notice persistent advertisements in both the browser and the computer desktop, as well as strange search results that can lead to inappropriate websites. The computer might also work much slower due to the constant pop-ups and banners. If the change to your browser settings and the sudden increase in advertisements was not enough, this browser hijacker also uses pop-ups and banners to infect the computer with malware. Therefore the removal of is important.

How to erase

It is advisable that users always be cautious when visiting unknown websites and downloading software in order to avoid and similar browser hijackers. Users are also recommended to stay away from everything that has anything to do with in order to avoid a potential infection. If the computer becomes infected, to remove, you’ll need an anti-malware program. There are anti- malware tools available that will help to avoid infecting your computer with this parasite and if it is already infected, to delete Step by step instructions on how to uninstall will be provided bellow.

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