Remove Win32:BogEnt

Remove Win32:BogEnt

What is Win32:BogEnt

Win32:BogEnt is a heuristic detection used by anti-virus programs Avast and AVG to detect unusual, malware-like behaviour. If you have Avast or AVG installed and they are showing you alerts warning about Win32:BogEnt, some program is exhibiting unusual behaviour that is often associated with malware. However, that does not mean that malware is installed on your device. Anti-malware programs occasionally detect malware by mistake. This is referred to as a false positive.

There are reports about both Avast and AVG detecting certain Steam video games. In those cases, the detection is indeed a false positive, and it seems to have been an issue for a while now. However, you should not immediately think of Win32:BogEnt as a false positive if it’s detected. You should carefully inspect exactly what file is detected and why. Look for unusual computer behaviour, including weird processes in your Task Manager, your computer acting sluggish, programs crashing, an increase in advertisements, etc. If any of the symptoms are present, we suggest using an anti-virus program that does not use Avast’s malware database to scan your device for malware.

Do you need to delete Win32:BogEnt?

Your Avast and AVG anti-virus programs will detect and quarantine whatever file is detected as Win32:BogEnt. If that is the end of that and you no longer have issues with it, you don’t need to do anything. However, if the alert keeps popping up regularly, check the detected file. It’s also recommended to scan your device with a different anti-malware program to see whether the same file is detected. This would help you find out whether you’re dealing with a false positive or an actual infection.

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