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What is is a browser hijacker that affects all the browsers installed on the computer. We are sure that this cannot go unnoticed because will replace your regular homepage and search engine. If this has already happened to you, there is no doubt that a browser hijacker is installed on the system. You need to remove as soon as possible if you want to protect your system from harm. Unfortunately, this will not be easy to do because browser hijackers usually do not have an uninstaller. If you are one of those users who have no idea how to remove, you should read this article. We are sure that you will find all the necessary information regarding the removal in this article.


How does act? will sneak onto the computer without permission and then will replace the homepage and search engine. Users usually do not even suspect that this search engine is bad, so they simply continue using it. Actually, this is really bad because might redirect users to third-party web pages containing malicious software. Malware can sneak onto computers really quickly. It might slither onto the system immediately after a user clicks on a corrupted link. Specialists say that might not only provide users with links leading to third-party web pages with a malicious content, but might also gather information about users. It is not very likely that this infection will gather personal information; however, nobody can guarantee that this will not happen. If you want to be sure that your personal information is safe, you need to uninstall as soon as possible. As we have told you, we will help you to eliminate this infection further in this article, so make sure you continue reading.

How did enter my system? usually sneaks onto computers without permission. Mostly, it attaches to other applications and travel together with them. If a user installs some kind of free program, he/she immediately notices the presence of on all the browsers. If you are sure that you have not downloaded any program recently, it is very likely that you have simply clicked on a corrupted link or malicious software existing on your PC has downloaded browser hijacker without permission. Even though it is not easy to protect the system, we highly recommend that you install a security tool and do not download software from untrustworthy sources ever again after you delete from your system.

How to delete browser hijacker?

It is not easy to implement the removal, which is why we are here and we are ready to help you. All you need to do is to reset your browsers one by one; however, if you still see the presence of on your browsers after doing that, you should definitely go for the automatic removal. In other words, you need to scan your system with an automatic malware remover. Make sure that you use a reputable tool for that.


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