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What is website belongs to Destiny Discover, a rather questionable extension that is supposed to help users easily access various education resources via Google search. It’s available for download from the Chrome web store but it may also spread via freeware bundles. Reviews on the Chrome web store aren’t exactly favorable, with many users complaining that the extension does not do anything or that it prevents users from searching normally.

The extension seems to be meant for educational purposes and is supposed to show users resources about a particular topic when users search for something via Google. But it may also be nuisance when users just want to perform a regular search. It also seems to be purposely made difficult to remove, judging from the various user reviews.

It does not seem to be a malicious but it does appear rather questionable. The site does not have an obvious Privacy Policy section so there is no way of knowing whether it collects any kind of information about your searches or browsing activity. When a website lacks a Privacy Policy, it usually indicates that it does collect all kinds of information about users and may even share the data with unknown third-parties.

If this extension is of no use to you, we recommend you uninstall

How did the extension install

With questionable extensions like this, it’s often the case that users don’t necessarily agree to install it. Rather, users might install it accidentally or without even realizing. may be using software bundling to install. Software bundling is adding additional offers to programs. Those offers are able to install alongside the program without users even knowing about. This is why it’s a rather frowned upon method of installation.

Those offers are optional but because they are hidden, users end up missing them. And if they go unnoticed, they can install alongside. If you want to prevent these unwanted offers from installing in the future, you need to start paying attention to how you install programs. Follow the installation process closely and when given the option, opt for Advanced (Custom) settings. Those settings will display the offers if any have been added, and you will be given the option of deselecting all of them.

Since the extension is available on browser web stores, it’s also possible you added it yourself.

Could be dangerous?

The extension seems to be legitimate. Once added, it will allow you to pick a resource, and when you perform a search via Google, results from that resource will be shown at the top of the page in a separate box. This is supposed to help users find better information on a particular topic but many reviews claim that the extension barely does anything and does not display any useful results.

If you do not think you installed the extension yourself, you are likely very annoyed at the additional box you see when using Google. There really is no reason to put with it because it provides nothing of use to you. It may also alter search results to include links to its sponsored content, which could make searching for something more difficult. The extension may also set as the homepage. As a homepage site, it would be of little use to you, and we doubt you’d want to see it every time you open your browser.

Like we said above, locating the site’s Privacy Policy is difficult. These documents usually explain what kind of information the site/extension collects about you and how it handles it. This extension does certainly collect information about what you search for, what sites you visit, and your IP address. It’s possible it could share the information with unknown third-parties. removal

If you have decided to delete, you should be able to do it manually. Keep in mind that you can only delete from the administrator account. You will need to remove and all of its related files to prevent it from being able to recover.

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