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What is is a search engine that might be set on your browsers without permission. This browser hijacker usually enters MAC computers only and does not touch Windows; however, if you ever detect it on your computer with Windows, you have to remove too. If you do not listen to our advice and keep this search engine on your browsers, you might cause harm to your computer really quickly. Unfortunately, you might experience some problems even if you do not use this search engine to find the information on the web. Further in this article we will explain you what you need to do next in order to delete from browsers. Therefore, read it very attentively.


How does work? looks quite decent, but we still do not recommend using this search engine because it might provide you with untrustworthy search results and thus expose you to potential threats. We are sure that there are no users who want to cause harm to their systems, so we suggest that you uninstall right now and set another trustworthy search engine immediately. It is recommended to do that not only because it might redirect to bad web pages with malware. If you have ever encountered or, which are similar hijackers, we are sure that you suspect that might also record information about users. It declares that it primarily records non-personal information like IP address, search queries, and browsing history; however, malware experts say that might record personal information too. This personal data usually consists of name, surname, and address. Even though these details do not seem very important, they might be used for really bad activities because they will, most likely, be transferred to third-party companies. In fact, cyber criminals might also access your personal data too, so you might experience privacy-related problems really quickly.

How did appear on my browsers?

There is a small possibility that you have set yourself; however, it is more likely that you have installed some kind of free program and did not uncheck the corresponding checkbox during the installation process. Yes, the majority of browser hijackers travel in software bundles together with other programs. As there are so many similar threats on the web, we highly recommend that you install a security tool on your computer. If you update it from time to time and keep active, malicious software should not enter your system ever again.

How to delete from browsers?

Even though it is not very easy to remove, you should still do that as soon as possible because you might experience redirections to bad web pages and your privacy might be violated. You can implement the manual or automatic removal. Of course, you are the one who can decide which method to employ; however, we highly recommend that you go for the automatic removal if you are a less experienced user and/or never tried erasing malicious software independently. We want to remind you that you have to use only trustworthy security tool.


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