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What is is a dubious web page and a browser hijacker. It is not a malicious piece of software but it will affect your computer, although in a much milder way compared to malware. will change your browser’s settings and set itself as your homepage and new tabs. The changes will come out of the blue as you might not even realize a hijacker has infected your computer. Hijackers aim to redirect users to sponsored websites so that owners could earn money.


Basically, the hijacker is using you to generate income but provides useless services and is essentially worthless to you. If you are not careful, it could even lead you to malicious websites where malware could be lurking. The hijacker used software bundles to gain entrance to your computer, which is a rather sneaky method. You need to remove if you want to keep your computer safe.

Why delete

There are a couple of reasons as to why you should uninstall, and not only because it’s useless to you. First of all, it will hijack your browsers and change settings without permission. Most browsers might be affected, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The changes carried out to them might be irreversible until you remove The website itself looks identical to countless other hijackers, it has links to websites like Amazon, Gmail, YouTube and Yahoo, as well as a search box in the middle. If you perform a search, you will be led to Saferbrowser Yahoo, which may be inserting sponsored content into the results. If you press on them, you could be taken to all kinds of unrelated sites. You could even be led to malicious one where you could encounter malware. Delete

How does spread?

The bundling method was used by the hijacker to enter your computer. It must have been attached to some freeware that you were installing and you did not notice. When you install free programs, it is important that you pay attention to the process and check whether something has been added to it. You should use Advanced (Custom) settings because that is where all extra offers will be hiding. If you notice that something has indeed been added, just uncheck the offers and only then proceed to install the freeware. This will save you a lot of trouble because you will not have to uninstall or similar threats later on. removal

If you choose to erase, there are two ways to do it. You can either try manual or go with automatic removal. The latter option is recommended because the security program would do everything for for you. If you want to eliminate by hand, you can do so but you will have to find the hijacker yourself.

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